Unilateral Ptosis Repair? (photo)

Hi there Last thursday, I had "Unilateral Ptosis repair" done on my left eye as it was slightly drooping. The surgeon didnt cut my eye like Blapharoplasty, he went through my eyelid (flipped it upside down) Its been 4 days since the operation and my left eye is WORSE looking than when I went in for the operation. Apparently it can take awhile for the swelling to subside. How long is awhile? Its embarrassing I look like this now, as before the operation, i looked better!

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Speed of Improvement Following Ptosis Repair

You are correct in that swelling can take awhile to subside. I tell my patients that the swelling can be fairly significant and can take two to four weeks to improve. Four days post-surgery is too early to worry. My advice is to ensure you stay in contact with your surgeon in regards to the progress of your healing.


Good luck!

Dr. A 

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Healing Times Can Vary For Each Individual

Swelling is going to vary for each individual and as to which type of technique was used to try and correct their Ptosis.  With you being just 4 days post-op, swelling will still be present and patience is key.  If you feel your condition has worsened, which seems to be your main concern (not the swelling), it is best to voice these with your operating physician.  Remember all your questions during your post-op visits and follow the post-op tips and guidelines. "Dr. D"

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Unilateral Ptosis Repair?

Sorry for you not being TOTALLY informed by your chosen surgeon in the pre operative visit of ALL the risks and exactly the type of operation to be done. Best to see him/her again in a full disclosure discussion. In most cases the result is noticed by week 2 or even earlier. But in some cases at least 6 weeks to needed. Again sorry for your issues. 

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Ptosis repair

You had a Putterman or inner approach.  Just wait and stay calm.  However, if you don't look better you may need a revision.  A couple things can happen.  Too much swelling.  Suture came loose, etc.  In your photo the right eye looks bad, is the image flipped?  IN any case, if there is a problem or the suture came loose you either repair it now or in 3 to 6 months (as a general rule).  The repair may need to be done externally which is not a bad thing.  It is very reliable as a ptosis procedure as is the Putterman.  Be patient. Have your surgeon see you weekly until you have a plan.

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