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This FDA-approved device delivers radio frequency (RF) waves designed to tighten skin, remove unwanted body fat and smooth skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Happy - 100% Worth It

I was concerned with my belly when I would sit! I attended an open house for a local business that specializes in removing fat! After 5 treatments, I was more than happy with the slimmer and firmer me. I recommend going to get this procedure done! Every treatments showed progress and never did... READ MORE

Amazing Results Obtained - Windsor, ON

I went to Uncover U Lasers in Windsor, Ontario and I was beyond pleased to have such great results! I had 5 children and could not loose the "momma belly". I originally tried the Zerona which did NOTHING and followed that with Venus Freeze and again major MAJOR disappointment with Tecumseh Laser... READ MORE

Trying Exilis to Smooth and Tighten Bumpy Tummy Post Lipo 9 Years Ago. Huntsville, AL

My belly was lipoed on the bottom portion (belly button down) 9 years ago. I have had loose rolls above my navel and a weird appearance overall ever since. It's certainly not attractive and with the recovery of lipo I would never suggest it. Anyway, my current plastic surgeon recommended Exilis... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of 3 Trying to Get Rid of Stomach Shelf! - Hinsdale, IL

Had my first trestment of Exilis today. Focused mainly on debulking the area above my c-section scar and next series of treatments will debulk and tighten. Was told I would need a series of 4-6 treatments. She spent 6 min at maximum heat - it was very tolerable. Was slightly pink in the area... READ MORE

32 Year Old Male with Double Chin. Hattiesburg, MS

I initially asked my doctor about liposuction, but he recommended a series of Exilis treatments instead due to the lower (he said about half) the cost and minimal side effects. I have had four treatments so far, and his office includes a fifth treatment at no charge, so I've got one more to go... READ MORE

Seeking Tighter Skin..Marietta, GA

I recently had a Mini Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo to the Upper and Lower Abs, Waist and Bra Roll area. This left me with loose skin around my navel and lower back. I read about Exilis on my PS's website. So far I am extremely pleased. I can see the progress after only two treatments that were one... READ MORE

Tried Exilis to Tighten Skin - Alpharetta, GA

I lost over 40 pounds in my 20's and my skin is only getting looser. I didn't want the pain or cost of a tummy tuck so I decided to try Exilis. I had five treatments over the course of 4 - 5 weeks. The procedure itself I would describe as being uncomfortable at times because of the heat of the... READ MORE

Exilis on Eyes Very Painful - Await Outcome in 3 Months if I Can Stand Having the Next 3 Treatments! - Kennewick, WA

At 65 and having already had an eye lift top and bottom but needing another, I decided to try Exilis on my eyes. I had a horrible and excruciatingly painful experience with Titan some years back which left me traumatized. I have had one treatment of Exilis and she was able to get to a heat... READ MORE

Everybody is different, do your homework

The skin above my knees was wrinkled and sun damaged so I checked into Exilis. I was told that they had great success on legs and arms so I went for it. It got very hot where I had to stop during treatment. The practitioner said that it was set to the right temperature and would not burn fat... READ MORE

Age 46, Exillis, Restylane, IPL, Botox with Dr. Lain and Pflugerville Dermatology - Pflugerville, TX

I had loose skin under my chin, discolored skin, and laugh lines. Jennifer used Botox and Restylane on my face. Botox on my forehead and around eyes and Restylane around my lip area and laugh lines. The results were fantastic and immediate. This encouraged me to get another procedure. I saw... READ MORE

Lost 2 Inches on my Abdomen & Tightened Excess Skin- Foothill Ranch - Foothill Ranch, CA

I recently underwent 6 treatments of Exilis on my abdomen at Comfort Laser Clinics in Foothill Ranch. The staff was very friendly and I was well educated during my consultation on how to get the best results out of my Exilis experience. I was told to be well hydrated for my first appointment.... READ MORE

Going in with Low Expectations - dallas, tx

I'm going in today to have Exilis on my thighs. I am skeptical that it will work, but am hopeful. I will post pictures after 1, 2, 3...etc treatments if i notice a difference. The nurse practioner told me only to expect tightening and not lose of inches. This contridicts things I have read... READ MORE

Exilis on my Tummy After Pregnancy - Baton Rouge, LA

I have a small area of lose skin around my belly button from pregnancy.I just completed my sixth exilis treatment on my tummy. I don't see any changes yet, but am still hopeful. It's only been a month and a half so we will see...the procedure is not bad at all. It can get very hot but it is... READ MORE

Exilis is Fabulous - Roscoe, IL

My experience with Exilis has been wonderful. I have had skin tightening treatments on my eyes, jowls and neck. I've had fat reduction on my upper and lower abs, back, flanks and thighs. I've lost somewhere around 6 total inches since the end of July and intend to continue. Follow the... READ MORE

I Was Addicted to This Nice N Easy, Quick in N out Procedure, Until It Really Burned my Body - Los Angeles, CA

I received the Exilis Treatment 6-7 times, Why? 1.) I feel like no one gets it, but these two tiny pinches of fat lay above & near the two lil dimples above my ass - and as a matter of fact - they F***ing HURT. At least the Exilis gave temp. relief by just the deep rubbing motion and... READ MORE

Exilis Laser Treatment - Miami

Hi Ladies, i started my Exilis treatment yesterday and honestly it feels just like the Accent it becomes very hot like burning but the massage therapist told me that i have to tolerate the heat because if not it won't work, the doctor told me that i need 8 treatments in order to see some... READ MORE

Flatter and Tighter Tummy

I wanted Exilis as I had some unwanted fat and loose skin on my stomach. The loose skin wasn't major.. just because of ageing I think and when I lean forwards it goes crepy? Anyway I booked in with Dr Lana who gave me thorough consultation and prescribed 4 treatments on my stomach. She did say... READ MORE

AMAZING Skin Tightening Results from Exilis Ultra!!!! - Boston, MA

I had the Exilis Ultra procedure done for tightening on my mid-lower face and neck. I have to say hands down this was the best treatment package I've ever bought. Within my first session the next day I felt so tight and firm my makeup application was so much nicer without the wrinkles. I had... READ MORE

Exilis Done on Face and Body

Im addicted. The procedure works well and I continue to get more. Results are slow but are coming. My face is much tighter, my stomach is much smoother. I did it everywhere, on my legs and inside tights as well as legs. Results are slow but nothing worth something comes fast and easy. I... READ MORE

Exilis Ultra Worked for Me - New York, NY

Face and Body by Runchana in the Flatiron District of Manhattan just received the new BTL Exilis Ultra machine. Having heard that this treatment works wonders on very targeted areas of the face, brows and neck, I wanted to check it out. The results were amazing to me! A pronounced wattle in my... READ MORE

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