How Do Exilis Treatments Actually Help Reduce the Fat?

Exploring Exilis for skin tightening & fat reduction, and am trying to fully understand how it works. What actually happens to the fat cells during the Exilis treatments? I've read they "shrink", but if that's true, how is that different than what happens after regular, consistent exercise?

Also, if radio frequency waves surpass the outside layer of skin and penetrate into the dermis, how does that then make the skin/area look tighter? Can "destroying cells" really be good? Analogies? Help!

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Exilis and Fat Reduction

Exilis is a FDA approved form of skin tightening and also does fat/volume reduction.  Exilis is a radio-frequency device that puts a lot of energy into the skin.  This energy bulk heats the skin causing the collagen to tighten and causes the fat cells to open and spill out the contents. 

It is an effective way to spot treat exercise resistant fat - think stubborn lower abdomen pooches or love handles.   No cells are officially "destroyed". 

Good Luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Exilis Treatments Heat the Skin to Remove Fat and Tighten the Skin

Exilis treatments use radiofrequency which is a type of energy that produces heat.  Exilis treatments utilize an applicator that is massaged over the desired treatment area.  This applicator cools the top of the skin while pushing the the heat to the fat layer.  The heated fat cells become metabolically active which causes the fat to exit the cell.  Once the fat exits the cell, it is excreted.  Post-treatment exercise and hydration will promote the elimination of the fat.

The treated fat cells are injured during the process and become unable to uptake more fat.  Many of the fat cells do not recover and this eliminates these cells as a fat storage site.

After the fat melting, the cooling on the applicator is turned off which allows the focus of heat on the top layer of the skin thus producing skin tightening.



Christina Steil, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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Exillis fat reduction

Exillis heats the fat cells, they burst , which then results in cell death.  This is called apoptosis. The radiofrquency heat targets the fat cells themselves and does not burn the surface of the skin.

Laura A. Sudarsky, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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