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Is It Possible To Fix An Overcorrected Otoplasty Surgery From 16 Years Ago?

When i was about 7 i did otoplasty on my ears so they did not stick out! The problem is that they are now completely into my head, very flat and a... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Extremely Overcorrected Otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty 3months ago & was disappointed as they were very overcorrected. My surgeon said theyll move out and I should pull on them often... READ MORE

Are my Ears Overcorrected? (photo)

Hi, i had otoplasty surgery 4 weeks ago, and i think the upper half of my ear is overcorrected, the top part touches my head,where the lower part... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision Procedure? (photo)

I had an Otoplasty 1year ago & the surgeon overcorrected my ears by removing too much cartilage. He says he can correct them (but seems reluctant... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty in Spain, Opinions Please? (photo)

Hello there. I had my otoplasty done 29/02/2012 now is 08/03/2012, its been a week, but my ears have this 'telephone' effect, specially the... READ MORE

Otoplasty Overcorrection 7 Weeks Out? (photo)

Hi, i had otoplasty surgery 7 weeks ago. i feel like the upper part of the ear was overcorrected as it touches my head, and the helix cant be seen... READ MORE

Can Over-corrected Ear Pinning Be Improved by Implanting Something Behind Ear?

I had otoplasty about 10 years ago and one is almost flush with my head. I would like to have this corrected without operating on the cartilage.... READ MORE

Otoplasty Result 7 Days Post Op. Did My Surgeon Overcorrect One Ear? (photo)

Hi, I just had an otoplasty done(1 week ago), and I think the surgeon may have over corrected one of the ears. What do you think? READ MORE

I Had Otoplasty 8months Ago. They Were Both Overcorrected, One Slightly More Than the Other. What Can Be Done? (photo)

I had otoplasty in July 2011 but they were definitely overcorrected, especially the right side. They appear to have been overcorrected at the lower... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty? (photo)

I had my otoplasty done 2 weeks ago, and already I can see that one ear is overcorrected and the other is under corrected. I'm extremely upset, and I... READ MORE

Otoplasty Overcorrection? (photo)

I had Otoplasty Summer 2011. The cartilage pulled back behind the ears making them look unnatural. It feels very uncomfortable and tight; I sometimes... READ MORE

Ear Surgery Otoplasty and Ears Look a Little Different?

I just underwent Otoplasty (the correction was to be very minimal). Post-surgery myself and the surgeon checked out the results. On checking I could... READ MORE

EarFold removal? (Photos)

Earfold implants are so visible to me, ears are over-corrected. I have been asked why my ears look funny which makes me feel self conscious. The only... READ MORE

My son (10) had overcorrected otoplasy 3 mths ago. I have consultation with surgeon & need advice? (photo)

How do I approach this situation? His ears are bent too far back and do not have a natural appearance. Antihelix is very prominent and Helix can... READ MORE

Solution to overcorrection (telephone) of left ear after otoplasty done a year ago? (photos)

I did the otoplasty a year ago and i am happy with the results but especially the middle part of my left ear is too close to my head. I will still go... READ MORE

My ears have been overcorrected during an otoplasty years ago. Is there any way of moving them away from my head? (Photo)

I originally had an otoplasty when i was 9 years old, and have also had surgery subsequently to fix an issue with the cartilage in my right ear. Now... READ MORE

Third otoplasty revision. (photo)

I had a terrible result with an otoplasty 2 years ago where my ears were overcorrected and since then have undergone two revisions the last one being... READ MORE

How can I optimize overcorrection on an ear pinning surgery? - currently 2 weeks post op

Hi, I had an ear pinning surgery 2 weeks ago. There was a slight overcorrection and I was told it would recoil after removal of stitches. It has... READ MORE

12 Days Post-otoplasty - Ears Relaxed Slightly?

Hi, I had otoplasty surgery done on 29th july. Bandage removed on 5th day, stitches removed. Cartilage scoring and excision were used. I was pleased... READ MORE

An otoplasty that didn't go as per expectations. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am currently 2.5 months post op. both the ears need correction. The left ear is overcorrected from the middle and the lower third (earlobe) sticks... READ MORE

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