Keloid Scar + Ear Surgery

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Keloids After Otoplasty

Hi, I have been plagued with Keloids behind my ears following otoplasty 3 years ago. They were symmetrical keloids i.e appeared in the same place on... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Keloid Scarring?

It's been about a month since my ear otoplasty and on my left ear where the stitching is there is a thick buildup underneath, idk what that is on... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Swelling Where the Stitches Were??

Hi my procedure was done a month ago, my ears still kinda hurt and one of the ears is still a little swollen on that ear where the stitchings were and... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Hypertrophic or Keloid Scar?

Hi, the top part of my ear where the stitching was is swollen like the scar is swollen. My procedure was done a month ago and the doctor said it went... READ MORE

Otoplasty post op 3 weeks. Is this normal scarring or keloid? (Photo)

Its been 3 weeks since my otoplasty. Is the picture considered normal scarring or keloid? READ MORE

4 Months since otoplasty, developing hypertrophic or keloid scar? Advice please...! (Photo)

I had otoplasty 4 months ago (permanent suture no cartilage removal) I had some complications. 1) After surgery I had a permanent suture eroding 2)... READ MORE

Otoplasty 3 weeks post-op; Is this stitch extrusion, hypertrophic scarring, keloid, or unresolved swelling? (photos)

What's up docs, I am 3 weeks post-op bilateral otoplasty; I had conchal setback and construction of the antihelix on both ears. The right ear shows a... READ MORE

The Middle of my Helix on my Ear Separated During the Trauma of Removing a Keloid. How Do I Heal It?

Didnt know if i would have to get it sutured or if it would heal back with the unhealed skin underneath it. READ MORE

Otoplasty to close “gauged’ ear piercings. Any suggestions?

The holes are about ⅝” diameter. They have been this same size for several years. I still wear jewelry in them all the time. I tend to form kee... READ MORE

Keloid on neck under ear. Now attached to ear causing numbing type sensation in area of attachment and ear itself.

I have a keloid that have many treatments has started to flatten. Unfortunately, as it regressed it also spread. It is now attached to the base of my... READ MORE

Should I get otoplasty surgery if I have a keloid on my ear?

I was looking into getting the otoplasty procedure done, however, I have a keloid on the back side of my left ear lobe from a piercing I had done... READ MORE

Does it worth to have an revision surgery on Otoplasty for me? (photos)

I had an otoplasy surgery 14 months ago. My left ear has a bad shape when you look it. But also i have a keloid problem and i am afraid of having a... READ MORE

Keloid/otoplasty ruining result? (Photos)

So it's been around 2 years since I had my otoplasty, In more recent months a keloid scar grew behind one of the ears, I'm not entirely sure when this... READ MORE

Injections or Excision for Keloid? Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon? (photos)

I had otoplasty 18 months ago. Over the past week, this large keloid has formed on the back of the ear along the suture site. From the limited... READ MORE

Ear reconstruction: Why do keloids usually grow back bigger and more aggressively?

I am female Caucasian I have two keloids on the tops of each ear this Friday I am getting them excised along with some upper ear reconstruction, my... READ MORE

Want ear reconstruction, around how much would it be? (photos)

Long story short i got my ears pointed a few years ago, they healed fine over the last few months i noticed maybe a keloid or cyst growing there I've... READ MORE

After otoplasty my ears are still uneven (from behind) and look oddly shaped (Antihelix). Is this normal? (photos)

5 months ago i had my second otoplasty, first only on my left ear, my left ear developed a keloid scar, so i went to a new surgeon, he recommended... READ MORE

How Much is Otoplasty and Keliod Removal in Northern California?

Previous doc pinned both ears back. Left ear not even with right ear. I want keliod removed on left ear. also make it not "C shape". I want... READ MORE

Keloid scar after otoplasty. What can I do if permanent sutures are causing keloids?

Permanent sutures used to remodel the cartilage can be the cause of Keloid scars? I was reading that foreign objects under the skin can cause keloid... READ MORE

Is this keloid scar ruining my otoplasty result? (Photo)

So it's been around 2 years since I had my otoplasty, I have since developed a keloid scarring behind one of the ears, I'm not entirely sure when this... READ MORE

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