3 Days Post-op + Ear Surgery

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How to wear a headband after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty performed 3 days ago and i was instructed to wear a headband after the dressing was removed. My question is how should I wear the... READ MORE

Is Minor Bleeding and Headache Normal After Ears Pinned Back?

My son had his operation on Friday to have his ears pinned back. He has had some minor bleeding from his ears and a headache is this normal? READ MORE

My Left Ear Ear is Protruding out Like Dumbo After a Ear Surgery. Is That Permanent or Just Swelling? (photo)

Ok so 3 days ago i got a surgery to remove a clestiotoma in my left inner ear and they made the incision behind the left ear(Shown in picture 1) now... READ MORE

Day 3 after Otoplasty - Earlobes Very Swollen and Protruding a lot (dumbo ears) (Photo)

I got otoplasty done 3 days ago and the whole purpose was to correct the "telephone" shape of my ears by setting back the earlobes a bit. They were... READ MORE

I Just Had Otoplasty is It Normal to Have Black Stitches Left in the Front Part of Ear?

I just had my operation about 3 days ago today i took the dressing off like instructed and took a shower, before i put my head band on i noticed a... READ MORE

Is this normal or signs of infection after otoplasty ?

Hi! I had otoplasty three days ago and still have that dressing. The first two days were fine, some discomfort but it wasn't anything out of the... READ MORE

Ears itching after otoplasty. Should I contact my surgeon?

It's been about 3 days since my surgery and just today my ears began to itch like crazy, I've only scratched the bottom part (barley) cause I was... READ MORE

Headband is too tight? Should I switch to something else?

I had otoplasty 3 days ago and I'm now wearing a stretchy cloth headband that was provided my PS. I'm not sure if it's too tight or its supposed to... READ MORE

Is It a Permanent Overcorrection?

I had an otoplasty 3 days ago and I feel my ears are overcorrected, my doctor said it wil change in 1 month but i am not sure if it will really happen... READ MORE

Is swelling of the ear normal after otoplasty surgery? It looks like I have cauliflower ear and it's been three days post op.

I had Otoplasty in Mexico and was given pain meds and antibiotics. My ears are swollen and a little discolored. Is this normal? Do I get the fluid... READ MORE

Will my ears return to their original position after surgery? (photos)

Before three days I had my ears done. My doctor has used permanent sutures to hold cartilage in place. Today I went to change the bandage, and he said... READ MORE

Could this be an infection? (photos)

3 days ago otoplasty surgery, right ear more swollen, no fever, no país, but resdness on top, could this be an infection? READ MORE

Three days after otoplasty, one ear painful and swollen.

I had my surgery done on thursday and since the freezing has worn off my left ear has hurt a little bit (tolerable) but my right ear has been... READ MORE

3 days post otoplasty with swelling, which has been drained. Could it be a hematoma or an infection? (Photo)

Otoplasty 3 days ago, twice drained, keep bandaged. Pain only the first day on both ears, , but today pain worse than after surgery in right ear which... READ MORE

Otoplasty results. Any suggestions?

My left ear used to stick out more than my right one so i had an otoplasty 3 days ago.I had otoplasty only on my left ear since the other one is fine... READ MORE

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