1 Month Post-op + Ear Surgery

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It Has Been One Month Since my Otoplasty. Is It Normal for my Ears to "Pop Out"?

I have been wearing a headband constantly, except while at work. When I take it off, my ears looks great. By the end of my work day, they seem to pop... READ MORE

Sports After Otoplasty?

When can I start go to gym, swimming, and running after otoplasty? I'm a month after my surgery... And I'm crazy without sports!! READ MORE

I Had Bilateral Otoplasty Done Just over Three Weeks Ago and I Have Swellings in Conchal Bowels Both Sides (photo)

There is also an extra fold in my right ear - I was not warned of this before my surgery - will this improve with time or is this permanent. READ MORE

Are These Otoplasty Scars Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

Hi there, My son had otoplasty a little over a month ago. I have noticed these little bumps at the bottom of his ear. It appeared to be tension from... READ MORE

Are my Ears Overcorrected? (photo)

Hi, i had otoplasty surgery 4 weeks ago, and i think the upper half of my ear is overcorrected, the top part touches my head,where the lower part... READ MORE

After Otoplasty: What is Wrong with my Left Ear? (photo)

Hi, I just had an otoplasty in France 24 days ago and I feel like I have "telephone ear" deformity and a weird antihelix both on the left side. Please... READ MORE

How Long After Otoplasty Surgery Can I Use Earrings?

Hi I am writing because I am wondering how long after otoplasty surgery is it indicated to wear normal earrings . Thanks for letting me know . In my... READ MORE

Otoplasty Rebound - is This Proceedure Normal to Hold the Tips Back?

I had otoplasty 5 weeks ago. Last week both my ear tips popped back out overnight. On one fold internal stitch popped out through the skin, on the ear... READ MORE

Absorbable Sutures Protrudes out of Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Otoplasty 26 days ago.Surgeon put absorbable sutures on cartilage and non absorbable on the skin(removed).One suture sticks out from the skin,probably... READ MORE

Will my ear ever get it normal shape back after otoplasty? (photo)

I had my otoplasty 4 weeks ago. My left ear is perfect, but the right ear is really starting to scare me. My right ear is still slightly swollen but... READ MORE

1 month post op otoplasty with permanent sutures, will this tight feeling go away?

I had an otoplasty 1 month ago with suture method and I'm not happy with the results (asymmetry). I still feel the sutures (tight) and some discomfort... READ MORE

Otoplasty scar 1 month post op, should I be concerned? (photo)

This is one of my scars 1 month post op. Kind of concerned but there is no way to go back to the surgeon right now. Foreign country. Should I consult... READ MORE

I have a partial loss hearing after otoplasty ? Is that normal especially in my left ear? I have little bit of vertigo.

I had an otoplasty 21 days ago and I went to doctor's office to "follow up" and the doctor found out a stitch under the scar. He said it have to be... READ MORE

After the Otoplasty my ears were symmetrical. Do I need revision Otoplasty? (photo)

Hello doctors. I had otoplasty 1 month ago and I m not satisfied with the results. After the surgery the ears were symmetrical. Now one has relapse... READ MORE

I Had an Otoplasty 5 Weeks Ago, Could I Get a Hematoma if I Go Paintballing and Get Shot in the Ear?

I was just wondering what the complications would be if I were to be shot in the ear at paintball. READ MORE

Is it possible for the ear to return into it's normal shape if the ears are under corrected after otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty a month ago, my right ear is under corrected after the surgery and after 5 weeks I noticed that they are coming back into it's normal... READ MORE

Small Hole Opened and Bled 1 Month Post Otoplasty in the Bottom of the Incision Line?

Small,tender red-blue lump started to develop four days ago in the bottom of the wound,perpendicular to incision,just under the skin.In the middle... READ MORE

Could I have damaged ear after otoplasty by slightly bending it and removing scabs?

I bent one ear forward when trying to clean out dried blood behind my ear. I felt only slight pain for a second and no bleeding. How easy is it to rip... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, is this asymmetry normal? (photos)

My son had an otoplasty 4 weeks ago. Pre-op there was no asymmetry. There is considerable asymmetry but I have been told that it's normal due to... READ MORE

Otoplasty won't hold one month post-op - will I need a revision?

I had my otoplasty one month ago. My surgeon used reabsorbable sutures. All the swelling has subsided and most of the sutures are still present. I am... READ MORE

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