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Reduce Chin / Mentalis Size with Botox or Dysport?

I have a protruding chin largely due to a big, ball-like mentalis muscle. I've heard about reducing masetter size with injectables, but would this... READ MORE

Dysport Injected in my Chin Second Time Around and Raised Lump Formed?

I had had Dysport injected to help with pebble chin about 2 months ago and saw amazing results. Recently I had a small about injected in the middle... READ MORE

What is going on with my chin after Dysport? (photos)

I had Dysport in my chin yesterday for first time. Now there's this spongy ball, ledge, when I pucker or pull my chin up. It's not visibly bruised. It... READ MORE

I got dysport injections btw my eyebrows & forehead as well as chin & upper lips. My eyelids are sagging. Is this normal?(photo)

Now my eyelids are sagging to my eyelashes, plus line is still between eyes and my top lip I can not move, can not hold a straw in my mouth or pucker... READ MORE

How safe is it to have long-term maintenance injections of Dysport?

Every 3 months, I receive Dysport injections for crow’s feet, bunny lines, neck bands, brow wrinkles, and in the chin area. Could these injections e... READ MORE

Effects of Dysport to DAO- supposedly to help marionette lines (Photo)

I had dysport injected on both sides of my chin, apparently, 'dao' to 'help' with marionette lines, which were barely noticeable before. Now I have... READ MORE

10 days after dysport and I can't see any results. Why is this?

I got dysport injections in my forhead for a slight brow lift aswell as between my glabella lines and in my chin (dimply chin when I talk). It has... READ MORE

Dysport on chin, crooked lower lip, and smile. Any suggestions?

I had gotten dysport about 10 units 3 different places in my chin (mentalis muscle?) 2 months ago to help lessen the crease in my chin now my lower... READ MORE

Lump showing on my chin when I close my mouth after my 2nd day of my first Dysport for my chin. Will it go away? (photo)

Hi, I got my first dysport injections for my "orange peel"/highly dimpled chin yesterday. I noticed not much difference so far & know that I need... READ MORE

12 days post op Jaw Dysport, I can't see any difference. Any suggestions?

Its now been 12 days since my jaw dysport , and I can't see any difference , if anything my chin seems more prominent , I went back to the clinic... READ MORE

Can having 70 units of Dysport make my neck feel right and heavy?

I had 70 units put in forehead and brow area 11 days ago and my chin front and back of neck feel tight, heavy and maybe numb or thick. Could this be a... READ MORE

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