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What Are the Best Methods to Reduce Facial Swelling Post Laser/fat Injections Treatment? (photo)

I had CO2 laser resurfacing to the face & chest along with fat transfer injections under the eyes. I am following the after care instructions... READ MORE

How long could swelling, face tingling, and itching last after an intense micro ablative co2 laser treatment?

I am on day six and love the results. However, I am still a bit swollen in the lower cheek area and around my mouth, due to a heavy focus in this area... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 laser treatment under eyes after care.

It's been 36 hours since my fractional co2 laser treatment for a few fine lines I had under my eyes. Lots of swelling and very red, sore and tight. My... READ MORE

No notable peeling or redness following CO2 fractional laser? Is some skin just resistant to this treatment?

Immediately following CO2 fractional laser procedure was pink with visible track marks from laser. Day following laser procedure experienced swelling... READ MORE

Prolonged facial swelling after laser treatment - Is this permanent?

I received several sessions of Revlite laser on my face 10 months ago and the area of my right upper cheek and side is still swollen, though not as... READ MORE

How can I treat major swelling and itching after second laser treatment?

It's been several hours since the treatment. Have put ice on it and used cortisone cream and Aloe but it's still getting worse. On and under my chin... READ MORE

My face still covered with whiteheads after CO2 laser in Nov of 2013. Any suggestions?

Face puffed up until my eyes were slits 72 hours after procedure. Swelling went down. Very red for almost 5 months afterward. Redness went away... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness after CO2 laser. Any suggestions?

I am just over 2.5 months post procedure but I seem to have this puffiness & reddish color on my upper cheek (malar bag area) , one side only. I... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser, microneedling and PRP injections two days ago and have loads of swelling and itching. Is this normal? (Photo)

When will the swelling lessen? Am I having a reaction or is this normal? Can I use any anti-itching cream? I'm currently only using baby shampoo to... READ MORE

Discoloration from co2 laser ? How to treat it?

Hi am from Sydney Australia.. 18 months ago I had done co2 laser for stretch marks on my abdomen..after all the swelling gone away..it turned dark... READ MORE

Could Fractional Co2 Laser increase facial fat?

I had Fractional Co2 Laser 2 years ago to improve my acne scars. I noticed after that, my face has got much bigger, stored much higher facial fat. I'm... READ MORE

Facial swelling after laser peel. Is this normal?

Inhad the fractional c02 laser done 5 days ago , all the normal expected results are happening, I'm now just puffy & peeling , I'm doing the creams &... READ MORE

Can the swelling of C02 fractional laser cause the ability to barely smile?

I am post op 5 days after C02 fractional laser on my entire face and I am still fairly swollen and when I try and smile I can barely see my teeth.... READ MORE

CO2 deep laser treatment. Is it normal to have major swelling under tape 5 days after procedure? (Photo)

I had a deep CO2 laser treatment. Tape was put on my face, my face was somewhat swollen the first 2 days and then went down. My face then swelled like... READ MORE

How Soon After CO2 Laser Treatment Can You Resume Running?

It has been 3 days since by CO2 laser procedure and I still have a lot of swelling, will running slow down my swelling process? READ MORE

Swelling and Green Discharge Normal After Juvia Laser Treatment?

I had the ellipse juvia tx co2 laser on thursday and have extreme swelling with green discharge from both eyes. Is this normal? I'm very concerned? READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Redness And Swelling 10 Days After LineXel Fractional CO2 Laser?

I Did a LineXel Fractional CO2 Laser 10 Days Ago on my Neck. the swelling and redness have diminished gradually over the days. nevertheless part of... READ MORE

Is swelling of the face 3 months after the CO2 Laser, normal? How long may this swelling last?

I had a co2 laser on my face to treat acne scars and a post surgery scar near my eye. after the laser sesion the dermatologist prescribed some creams... READ MORE

My Chin Feels Hot and Filled With Fluid After Laser. Is that normal? (photo)

I Had Mini Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, and Chin Reduction 3 Weeks Ago. Yesterday I Had Erbium Laser Session. Right after the laser session I was red as a... READ MORE

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