6 Months Post-op + CO2 Laser

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How to Treat Negative of CO2 Laser Treatment (Grid Lines and Small Holes)???

I had so-called F.A.S.T. - CO2 treatment followed by Fraxel resurfacing in April (so it has been almost 6 months). I don't see considerable changes in... READ MORE

Sunken Appearance and Wrinkles Under Eyes After Fractional Co2 - Solutions?

I had full-face fractional Co2 laser treatment over 6 months ago. It was apparent after my skin healed that the area under my eyes had been adversely... READ MORE

I had co2 laser on full face & neck 6 months ago. Now I have laser tracking lines on most of my face. What should I do? (photos)

The doctor who performed the co2 laser procedure wants to do my face again but this time will go the opposite way with the laser. I am very... READ MORE

How long until persistent redness after co2 laser goes away? It's been 6 months- please help!

I'm 23, olive skin and had non-fractional co2 laser performed on my face for acne scarring. It been 6 months to date and i am still very pink/red... READ MORE

6 months post Fractional CO2 laser and I still have lumpy bumpy skin, with red demarcation lines.

My skin was smooth before but now it is lumpy, bumpy and red with demarcation lines still showing. It is 6 months post procedure. I made the big... READ MORE

What is this? I developed it from CO2 laser? How much time will it take it to fade? I'm really depressed and sad (Photo)

I had developed some redness on bicep from c02 laser...its been 6 months now.still not fading? How much time it will take to fade..pls help.thanks in... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Resurfacing with the CO2 Laser. How long should one wait between treatments?

Laser used for treatment was a C02 Erbium laser. Post 6 months, is it safe to have another treatment? What is the earliest one could be treated... READ MORE

Loose sagging skin, more wrinkles in forehead area. How do you know if the fat pads are damaged?

I had fractional co2 laser done over 6 months ago. I do notice less wrinkles around the eye area, however, my forehead is now much worse than before.... READ MORE

Is it healthy to do laser co2 after doing derma roller for 6 months?

Derma roller was not deep enough to cure all my acne scars . so i've been thinking to do laser co2 . is that healthy ??? bc i did derma roller for 6... READ MORE

Persistent grid pattern after healing from fractional CO2 laser procedure on full face. Any treatment for this? (photo)

I am over 5 months out from my 2nd fractional CO2 laser procedure. A board certified plastic surgeon completed the treatment using a Matrix CO2... READ MORE

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation 6 months after CO2 laser?

I had the c02 laser done 6 months ago and I still have the hyperpigmentation around my eyes. I still have to use cover up every day & I never use to... READ MORE

Roaccutane Dose 6mo. AFTER Laser Co2 Safe?

Had Laser CO2 done 02/04/13.Started taking Roaccutane 20mg p/day 08/18/13.Is it ok for the skin,will it cause any damage to my skin since I had the... READ MORE

What kind of changes in skin can you expect to see 6 months after co2 laser?

Hi, what changes can you expect to see 6 months after ablative co2 skin resurfacing? READ MORE

Can CO2RE fractional laser be performed for a second time if there are mild patches of hypopigmentation?

I had co2re fractional laser performed on my neck 6 months ago. I am keen to repeat this treatment however I have recently noticed small patches of... READ MORE

I have a dark patches 6 months after 2nd co2 laser resurfacing. Would it get worse or improve over time?

I 'm a 39 years old Asian lady. I had pigmentation caused by fraxel. Then I had 2 co2 resurfacing to fix the pigmentation. The last co2 was done 6... READ MORE

6 months post CO2 LR and after scar gel, silicone and Kenalog still scarred. What treatments can help and when should I start?

Deep 2nd degree facial scarring following CO2 facial resurfacing (Nov 2015). Complications from Kenalog...horrific headaches, muscle weakness (also... READ MORE

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