Numb + Chin Liposuction

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Neck Still Partially Numb One Week After Lipo?

Had lipo, no skin removed, one week ago. My neck is still partically numb. Also, when I laugh, one side of my mouth feels like it's not working... READ MORE

Will my Results Improve 3 Weeks After Chin Lipo and Chin Implant?

After liposuction and chin implant, my neck feels tight and swollen. I am 3 weeks post op. I don't see any improvements in my neck contour after... READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Liposuction and Implant

I had chin liposuction (submental) and a chin implant on 04/23/09. Although I can move my lower lip and chin well, I still have no feeling in those... READ MORE

7 Months Post- Neck Lipo - Still Stiff and Numb

Feels like there is thick scar tissue under the skin. When I smile or use facial expressions I feel quite stiff but I can smile etc. Just sitting here... READ MORE

Numbness and a Lump After Chin Lipo? (photo)

Done my double chin lipo a week ago its numb and I notice a hard lump appear on the rigth side of my it normal? READ MORE

8 weeks post chin lipo I have some wavy skin under chin. Am I very close to the final result? (Photo)

I'm happy with result and wasn't expecting perfection, as I'm in my early 50s. However always happy for more improvement! I have some wavy skin under... READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Lipo?

How much time will it take before the numbness goes away READ MORE

Putting Cold Compress 1 Week After Chin Lipo?

Im putting a cold compress on my chin and some part that is swollen and it ok? READ MORE

Numbness Getting Near Mouth and Upper Hurts?

1 week an 3 days after chin it hurts and the swelling ang numbness is getting near my mouth and upper jawline its stiff ang I cant talk... READ MORE

Top of tongue numbness after Chin lipo. Any suggestions?

Hi - 5 days ago, I had the bbl with full body Lipo including the chin and ever since, the tip of my tongue has been severely numb. It's preventing me... READ MORE

I had Chin liposuction four days ago still numb???

I had chin liposuction four days ago and my ears and chin area is still numb. It this normal and when can I expect the numbing to go down?? READ MORE

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