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When Will I Be Happy with my Sliding Genioplasty??

I had this procedure done a few weeks ago (3.5 weeks) and so far I am very unhappy with the results. I'm getting depressed over the way I looked... READ MORE

(W/ Face Simulation) My Face Is Too Wide : Should I Do Jaw Reduction or Chin Augmentation or Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

I feel really annoyed with my cheek and jaw, which I think both are wide. I think my chin need to be more definition and longer. I like to edit my... READ MORE

Chin implants and face shape?

To what degree do most chin implants help make the face more triangular? I have a fairly wide face....my cheekbones are wider than my temples...and... READ MORE

Inquiry About V-line Shape/oval Face? (photo)

I have a wide chin. What procedure can make my lower face more angled? READ MORE

Chin Implant is Too Wide and Square

Hi, I 21 yrs old and about 4-5 months ago I had a large chin implant placed underneath my chin. It was not the medpor implant. Before I had it done,... READ MORE

Wanting A Replacement- From Implantech Terino Anatomical Extended to Normal Anatomical Extended? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old male, and I had an Implantech Terino anatomical extended medium implant put in a month ago. I'm not so happy with the result... READ MORE

Is the extended wings anatomical medium implant the wrong shape and/or size for my face? (photo)

The implant was placed 1 month and 1 week ago. It's appears to me too wide, and too long with dimples or horizontal dent in the front that makes it... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs. Filler for Wide Front View? (photo)

My chin implant (small w/ wings trimmed) profile is nice, but the front view is too wide. Doc said he can replace it w/ one that gives projection... READ MORE

Chin implant too wide?

I got a medpor chin implant about 2 and half months ago. It's a 9mm implant with wings . I like the chin projection a lot but I feel the wings are too... READ MORE

‚Äč1 week post op of Chin Implant, my chin is longer and looks very wide. Is the chin implant too big? (photo)

My chin implant was done 7 days ago the doctor used a medium size implant, I'm unhappy with my front view. Proportion of lip to chin is much longer... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant Done 7 Years Ago, Can I Have It Revised? I Think It's Too Wide. (photo)

I wanted a chin implant for two reasons.. my profile was weak, and as my jaw line came to my chin it was very narrow. So I got a large size chin... READ MORE

Young small female seeking chin implant revision. Should I revise it with the anatomical or curvilinear chin implant?

9 weeks ago, I had a medium sized mittelman prejowl chin implant placed submentally. It is too wide and has unwanted lengthening effect. This certain... READ MORE

Unhappy with my profile. Feel that my jaw is not quite "wide enough" and isn't strong enough. (photo)

Simply I would like to have a more masculine shaped profile and strong chin and jaw. ATM I have I would guess a 18-20% bmi, but have leaned out and... READ MORE

Crying after jaw implants, what have I done to my face? I ruined it.

I had a narrow and tiny jaw that was in a circular motion before. I wanted jaw implants to give me that sharp male model jaw look. While my profile... READ MORE

chin augmentation implant seems to be placed too low. Will it readjust?

I'm only one day post op, but looking in the mirror, there seems to be no actual increased chin protrusion coming out, but instead, it just drops... READ MORE

Will mandibular angle implants help me? (photos)

When I look at my profile, I see that my jaw seems to have vertically rather than horizontally, when I look at my profile I can see that my jawline... READ MORE

Do I need good pre-existing chin width to have a large terino style 2 chin implant?

I have a very masculine square jaw but the chin is the problem. It has about 35-38mm right to left length (horizontal). I want a terino style 2 large... READ MORE

Can a Chin implant add horizontal width from the front-view? (photos)

I have a small (short in horizontal length from front view) pointy chin. I'm looking for a to achieve a wider more masculine chin. Is this possible... READ MORE

Are my results typical of a sliding genioplasty? (photos)

I've gone through a lot with my chin. I had an chin implant removed After 6 mo. I'm only 11 days PO from SG and rhino. I no I need to be patient on... READ MORE

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