Tightness + Chin Implant

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Chin Implant Problems After Ten Months

Can a chin implant become infected or cause jowl swelling on each side of implant, pain and tightness after 10 months. READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Chin Implant Removal?

Had excessive internal scar tissue. Felt tightness and burning. Had cortisol shots, three rounds. Removed after 4 months. Pressure from pillow makes... READ MORE

Intraoral Scar from Chin Implant - Mentalis Muscle Resuspension? (photos)

Last year i had a intramural chin implant removed. Since then, the inside of my bottom lip sticks to my bottom gum. The best way i can describe it is... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Chin Implant Removal, Right Side of Mouth is Really Tight, Will this Go Away?

Just over 2 weeks post-op, intra-incision. Sensation on my left lower lip is almost fully back, but my right side still feels really tight, probably... READ MORE

Chin Implant 9 Months AgoAnd One Side Is Tight- Is This Normal?

I had a chin implant 9 months ago i like how it looks and all but the left side feels tight other than that every thing is good. Does anyone know why... READ MORE

Chin Implant - Tight 8 Months Post Op? (photo)

I got small silicone chin implant 8 months ago. It is still tight, and I cannot smile the same as before. My bottom lip does noe move as far down. I... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture After Chin Augmentation?

I had a chin augmentation 6 weeks ago. I'm really concerned that i can't smile ou talk normally. I feel like my mouth is tightness and... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Removal of Small Silicone Implant and my Chin Feels Tight (Had It for 18 Years)?

Now my stitches have gone and the intra-oral scar is tightening. I'm not sure yet if the capsule left behind is what feels tight, or whether it is the... READ MORE

Augmented Chin - Tightness?

I still feel tight still after a month. Does the skin actually stretch to make room for the implant, or I will get used to the tightness? READ MORE

1 Year After Chin Implant Removal I Have Started Getting the Tingling and Tightness Feeling?

I had a small silicone chin implant which was fine for 17 years.I started getting tingling, tightness and numbness. I had it removed and the feelings... READ MORE

Do chin implants harm the gums or teeth?

I had a chin implant placed 4 weeks ago and still have tightness around the chin area. I had tingling sensations around my teeth during the recovery... READ MORE

Long Standing Pain Around Facial Implants?

In 2001 I had a chin and cheek implants. Since the middle of October 2012 I have been experiencing tightness and pain around all three implants. I saw... READ MORE

Chin implant revision 2 months post op still having complications. Will it ever get better?

Had a chin implant revision 2 months ago because I had constant tightness and tingles. Replaced it with a button style (had a wing style that was... READ MORE

Is this sensation normal after Chin Implant?

Had chin implant surgery 9 days ago. I still feel some tightness (at times it's more acute), numbness, an itching sensation, and a warm sensation (but... READ MORE

Tightness and Numbness of Chin Implant, Also Would I Benefit from One? (photo)

I read that the numbness experienced the first week or so is comparable to the feeling of local anesthetics used in minor dental procedures, would... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing tightness 5 years after a Chin Implant?

I got a chin implant five years ago, and since yesterday afternoon suddenly that region's been feeling very tight, particularly when I smile, bite my... READ MORE

After 3 months my facelift and chin implant still has some pain and tightness

Pain and tightness in front of my ears and up on my bottom lip on the right side. It seems to get better and then comes back. It is better though then... READ MORE

How can chin implant biofilm be treated? Can it be reduced with antibiotic or heat? Can it be ignored if symptoms are mild?

My chin implant was done 15 years ago and over the last 4 yrs after a sculptra injection in the area I started feeling intermittent tightness/soreness... READ MORE

Chin implant 7 months later tightness and contractions why?

I am 7 months post op from a chin implant revision from 17 years ago. Since the numbness has worn off 3 months ago I have had extreme tightness on the... READ MORE

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