Sun Exposure + Chemical Peel

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Skin Darkening After Chemical Peel?

I have had two chem peel session at 2 weeks intervals, i noticed my skin looked fairer in initial but started turning dark when i started going... READ MORE

Extremely Itchy Rash on Face and Neck After Chemical Peel

I have been having a series of chemical peels over the last year to treat severe acne. I schedule the peels at least 6 weeks apart. The last peel, my... READ MORE

Can going into the sun after a light chemical peel permanently damage my skin?

I had a light chemical peel a few days ago and wasn't aware of how important sun protection is. The following day I walked outside for a minute or two... READ MORE

What to Expect from AHA Chemical Peel?

I have used a very thick creme over the winter and it created bumps under my skin. Not acne or blackheads, it is much deeper under the skin. Will the... READ MORE

What Happens If I Had a Glycolic Acid Peel of 25% Strength and Exposed my Skin to Sunlight?

I did not have prior knowledge and was not warned by the doctor unfortunately and I exposed my skin after the peel for a number of days without sun... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Treating a Bad Chemical Peel?

How soon may I start to correct a a bad chemical peel? Another peel necessary? Microdermabrasion? I had a jessners followed by a 25% TCA within a week... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After a Vitalize Peel Causing Problems

I had this peel almost 4 mos ago, and hydrafacial 3 mos ago, some sun exposure i guess im in texas, i develop hyperpig and some parts look like white,... READ MORE

Sun exposure after 35% chemical peel and now have hyperpigmentation. Is it permanent?

I had a 35% TCA chemical peel from my board certified plastic surgeon about 5 wks ago. I used SPF 50 sunscreen but still got sun exposure from driving... READ MORE

Can I use bleaching lotion after I'm done peeling? Will it make my skin complexion lighter?

Im done peeling,my peel provider advised me to avoid sun and told me not to use any sunblock lotion yet, aside from mild ones, could you recommend me... READ MORE

Is Vitamin C Effective in Curing Post Laser Hyperpigmentation Permanently?

My mom travelled greatly in the heat & never shyed away from sun exposure still her skin was flawless. 3 to 3.5 yrs ago she started swimming &... READ MORE

Which is the best peel for skin lightening?

I have dark skin due to over exposure to sun. I need to lighten my skin tone. So,which is the best skin peel for lightening my skin tone? READ MORE

Sun Exposure too early after mild peel. I'm worried it has damaged my skin and is permanent.

I had a mild chemical peel and the next day I was outside for about 45min to 1hr. I used a broad spectrum sunblock spf 30 before heading out but it... READ MORE

My skin has stopped peeling, and I was exposed to direct sunlight. I have brown spots. Is my new skin damaged?

After having chemical peel and the peeling of the skin has stop, i was exposed to direct sunlight for 1-2 hrs. Now i can see brown spot in one or two... READ MORE

What's the best med-depth chemical peel/procedure for hyper/hypo-pigmentation & scarring 5yrs post Fraxel treatments?

I had 4 rounds of Fraxel on my face ~5 years ago for acne scarring and discoloration. Initial results seemed promising but after unexpected sun... READ MORE

How to remove sun tan and black layers on face naturally after a chemical peel?

I had a chemical peel. And after 5 days my face was exposed to sun for log duration. Now I'm suffering with tan on face and black layers on face due... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation versus Hyperpigmentation caused by Sun Exposure?

Is the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by a Chemical Peel looked upon differently than a Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure ? Will... READ MORE

If the brown spots I have on my arms are removed by laser or a chemical peel, will they return with sun exposure?

What if my arms are not exposed to sun, but I use a self tanner, will the brown spots come out with self tanner? Thanks! READ MORE

Would a chemical peel or series of peels work to even out my blotchy skin? (Photos)

Would a chemical peel or series of peels work to even out my blotchy skin with generalized hyper-pigmentation which I believe to be secondary to acne,... READ MORE

Indian brown skin: Chemical peel vs dermapen? (photo)

Hi, I am 38, Indian brown skin and having a very old (since 8 years) pigmentation due to sun exposure. It probably be deep coz it so dark and old. I... READ MORE

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