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Dry Flakey Skin After Vitalize Chemical Peel?

I had a Vitalize chemical peel on Monday and began heavily peeling on Wednesday. It is now Friday and I have almost completed my peel, but I noticed... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Remove Fine Nasolabial Wrinkles?

I have a very fine nasolabial wrinkle that's worse on one side than the other. They are worse near my nose than my mouth. Most sites say medium... READ MORE

Dark Nasolabial Lines After Alpha Beta Peel

I recently applied an Alpha Beta Peel (10% salicylic acid followed by a 40% glycolic acid) chemical peel product on my face. I was left with two dark... READ MORE

My First Chemical Peel - Does this look right ? (photos)

I had a chemical peel two days ago on Wednesday the 13th. After my procedure the nurse didn't give me any instructions other than to wash few times a... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best to treat my hyper pigmentation and scarring? (photos)

I have a medium skin tone and most of my scaring and discoloration is around my mouth upper lip and nose area READ MORE

Why is my skin darkening around the mouth after chemical peel? (photo)

It have been a week and my skin is slowly peeling but I noticed darken spots on my face and I want to know if they are permanent and how long should... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel help me to look younger?

I am 67 years old (female) and have sagging skin, deep wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. I cannot get a facelift (according to doctor); can a... READ MORE

Can I use Vitamin C Cream after chemical peel?

I had a PCA Sensi Peel four days ago and noticed darker/pigmented areas around my mouth and chin. Can I use a vitamin C cream to help get rid of the... READ MORE

Why don't I peel any more from chemical peels? The first 2 worked great! What's going on? My goal is to lighten my melasma.

I got a Jessner's Peel in Oct & Nov. My ENTIRE face peeled like CRAZY both times. I got the Vi peel in Dec. I peeled around mouth but that's it. I got... READ MORE

Any suggestions for dark skin coloration around mouth? (photos)

I did two chemical peel and I am left with dark skin coloration around my face. I tried to apply cortizone-10 everyday but no significant change has... READ MORE

Dark shadow around mouth from chemical peels ? (photos)

Recently this year I have been getting glycolic peels once every month and after a period of time getting them I have been noticing I am left with a... READ MORE

Why do I have sagging and wrinkles after light chemical peel 3 days ago?

Now have sagging and wrinkles on side of mouth going down to chin. Also more dark spots have appeared. READ MORE

I'm interested in BensiPeel (for smoker lines and lines around my mouth). Is there another name for this peel? (Photo)

Would like to know the name(s) of PS near me who administer this peel. And if the Bensi is just a Brand name of a Peel? Is it the same as Hetter or... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of dark spots on the corners of my mouth? (Photo)

Over 6 months ago I took a antibiotic that caused my mouth to tingle and swell, the corners of my mouth became inflamed and cracked.... It healed and... READ MORE

I have pigmentation on my face. What should I do to get rid of this?

I hv pigmentation on my face. My skin is darker on forhead and around the mouth.. I hv oily skin on ' T' jon... What should i do to get rid of this... READ MORE

I am a healthy 41. I want to sort out some sun damage and fine wrinkles around the mouth. Which method? (photo)

Laser? Chemical? Other? Which has best results? Likely recovery (off work) time? I am looking to be treated in a month or so. Is there anything I... READ MORE

I have many small red spots after a chemical peel. Will they go away? (Photo)

3 days ago I had my first ever chemical peel It was all going well my skin started peeling a lot I followed all advice given by the consultant and... READ MORE

I had a chemical peel and it went wrong and now I have brown marks on the corner on my nose and near my mouth. Any suggestion?

I need to get this brown marks to go away i think its pigmentation from a chemical peel that went wrong There must be a cream to make it fade away... READ MORE

After a lactic 80% chemical peel, I was left with dark patches around/above my nose & mouth from premature peeling (Photo)

Discoloration from chemical peel #2 lactic 80% around mouth & nose & above nose. I'm about to try for a 3rd try after reading specifically... READ MORE

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