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Are Buttock Implants Very Painful?

What's the usual amount of pain associated with having butt implants? READ MORE

Painful and Tight Buttocks After Butt Implants

I had my butt implants put in around 9 years ago, and now I feel tightness along with pain in my buttocks that goes down my legs. My butt gets really... READ MORE

Butt Implants With No Drainage Tubes-What Did my Doctor Do Wrong and What Could the Complications Be?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 & 1 wk after surgery my wound split WIDE OPEN.I later foundout tht my surgeon shouldve placed a drainage tube... READ MORE

Bruising and Pain Post Butt Implant Procedure? (photo)

I got butt implants placed under the fascia April 9th. Since then the right implant is higher, significantly firmer, sensitive, and is continuously... READ MORE

What are the signs of rejection for butt implants? (Photo)

I had the seroma drained 16 days ago culture negative for bacteria drain has been back in since then filling up every day. Se days fluid looks normal... READ MORE

I'm Having an Increase in Pain After Butt Implants?

My implants were placed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. The drains were removed about 4 days ago, and since, I have a lot more pain on my left side. The lower... READ MORE

Bruising and Pain Months After Butt Implants. Any Advice? Help! (photo)

I had buttock implants placed sub Fascia in April. On is much former than the other and sits higher. The other is relatively soft and has better... READ MORE

Should I Be Experiencing Pain 6 Wks Post-Op Butt Implants?

Hello, I got butt implants 6 weeks ago. I am still experiencing a lot of pain and great discomfort when sitting down for an extended period of time. I... READ MORE

Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

I am having right side buttock and calf pain 3 wks post-op from butt implants 335 ccs. I am on Lyrica for a week to see if it will help. I was told... READ MORE

Butt implants are hard & swollen. What is wrong? (Photo)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I'm in so much pain. I can not sit & it's very hard to the touch. Today I went for a post op visit & fluid was drained,... READ MORE

Are buttock implants comfortable when sitting for LONG periods of time (e.g., plane flights, long drives, etc.)?

I know we do not technically "sit" where the implants are placed. But how many of us really have good posture or sit with perfect posture at all... READ MORE

Consistent pain all over buttocks and leg after seroma drainage. Should I get any tests done?

It's been 7 days since seroma was drained through incision and this pain will not go away. I only feel some relief when laying down steady after... READ MORE

Why All This Pain?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 and im in some much pain at times i wanna cry.the pain is in the left cheek and goes up to my lower back and my... READ MORE

Pinkish seroma discharge 3rd week after butt implants and burning pain in the incision. Does this mean infection? (photo)

Ive done the buttock augmentation with implants and its my 3rd week now and i have seroma and the incision hurts a lot, altho before it did not hurt.... READ MORE

What exactly could be done differently on my next surgery, to keep the implants from shifting and painfully rotating? (photo)

I was 19 when I got buttock implants and three months after I got them... I ended up getting pregnant and during my pregnancy my left implant started... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Tickly feeling on my bum during recovery after having butt implants? (photos)

Its my 10th day post op, no more pain meds and antibiotics. I never had fever at all too & can now start sitting and bending little by little. So far... READ MORE

My sister has a severe infection after having a butt implant. Her fever was 42.5, she had headaches and Intolerable pain.

When we took her to the hospital a week later, they gave her antibiotics in the blood and removed the implants. It was filled with puss. The doctor... READ MORE

Burning sharp pain on incision butt implants. (photo)

Is been 3 months I had my butt implants sugery under muscle, I never experienced any pain was very easy recovery, I am 80% organic and I take good... READ MORE

What is this pain? Where and why did this come after butt implant surgery? (photos)

Had butt implant surgery 10 wks ago on the 3rd wk this appeared and has NEVER LEFT...very painful affects my walk and is very, very hard...painful to... READ MORE

Should I Be Experiencing Pain 4 Months Post Op (Butt Implants)?

Hello, I am 4 months post-op, and am still experiencing pain after having butt implants. I am unable to sit for an extended period of time without... READ MORE

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