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What Does It Mean To Have a Flick of Air in Lateral Butt Implant? (Photos)

My implants were done 4/21/11.There was no drainage tube so the fluid build up cause the wound to split open & the LEFT implant was exposed.My... READ MORE

Butt Implant Infection

I had butt implant put in about 12 days ago and they infected. I had do much pain and got really sick I had to go the emergency room. They told me the... READ MORE

I Caught an Infection with Silicone Butt Implants

I caught an infection and by the 15 day of post-op, I had them removed. The pain started on my right side. The pain was so bad it went down my right... READ MORE

Am I In the Clear if Butt Implant Infection No Longer Smells When Being Drained?

I had my buttocks implants surgery, then after a week i went to my first appointment,and when my doctor touched my butt, i told him i felt air... READ MORE

I Just Had Buttock Implants,do I Have an Infection or is my Wound Open?

Had buttock implants 2 weeks ago. My drains came off 1 day early. Since I had breast augmentation & lift all done at the same time. My Dr.... READ MORE

Butt Implant Infection Removal

What is the best way to repair damaged butt muscles after an infection? I caught an implant infection 12 days after putting in the butt implants and... READ MORE

I had butt implants and they are now infected. What to do?

Had the butt implants put in 2weeks ago weds. Drain was only in for 48hrs. 2weeks post this weds. Woke up in blood. Went to.doctors now he wants to... READ MORE

Can I Have Butt Implant Again After Having Them Taken out Due to Complication?

I started having fever. my incision was almost closed. I had a lil hole still open. went to the ER to have it check after blood test they said I had... READ MORE

i'm 16 days post op, is my incision infected? (photo)

Hi , 16 days PO I'm a little concerned my incision doesn't look good i clean it every day first I swipe with Alcohol pad then apply Neosporin then... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Lower Potential Risk of Infection with Butt Implants?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift about 9 months ago i was happy with the result but a month after my surgery the fat started to disappear so I'm... READ MORE

What causes a heavy draining 10 days after butt implants?

I had butt implants on the 12th of December without any drain, 10 days after the incision became wide open with a lot of fluid coming out. I went back... READ MORE

Can a butt implant infection be cured by antibiotics on their own? Will I have to take out the implants?

I had butt implants a little over a year ago and the right side got almost 2 1/2 the size of the left. It was deformed and hot to the touch for about... READ MORE

My buttock implant are expose, I got an infection after a second surgery that I did not request in Dr Offices.

My implant are expose and the Plastic surgeon do will not close the stiches. He wants to remove the implants but He is not going to do it until I have... READ MORE

Infection Very Scared. Will It Heal with Antibotics?

While the doctor was draining a pocket of liquid with a needle I believe he may have broke a capillary or muscle or something because that night I... READ MORE

Pinkish seroma discharge 3rd week after butt implants and burning pain in the incision. Does this mean infection? (photo)

Ive done the buttock augmentation with implants and its my 3rd week now and i have seroma and the incision hurts a lot, altho before it did not hurt.... READ MORE

Scratched and cut incision line 18 months after implants - Will this cause an infection? (Photo)

Hello I had my implants for a year and 6 months and my incision was made in the crease of both my butt cheeks and last night I accidently scratched... READ MORE

Can a person with Herpes get Butt Implants and have a safe surgury?

My sister have genital herpes and she wants to get butt implants because she don't have enough fat on her body. I've never heard of a person with an... READ MORE

3 weeks post Butt Implants, my incision is draining - is this an infection of something bad? (photo)

My sx was 4/8/14 and I'm been draining for 5 days already every day is less.i went to the doctor wed and he told everything was normal I been taking... READ MORE

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