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Butt Implants Post-op Aftercare?

Im 2weeks post op from getting butt implants i was told to lay on my tummy only for 2weeks and that after i can start sitting!I havent yet im kinda... READ MORE

I'm 5ft, 100lbs Petite Girl. I Wanted Large Butt Implants? (photo)

When I Got out of Surgery my Butt Was So Round and Bubbly.then It Looked swollenaround my 14day postop I've noticed my left implant looked... READ MORE

Butt Implants - When Will I See Results?

I just had butt implants put in about 2 weeks ago and at the same time did some fat transfer to the sides of my butt for a rounder shape. I can see a... READ MORE

Butt Implant Infection

I had butt implant put in about 12 days ago and they infected. I had do much pain and got really sick I had to go the emergency room. They told me the... READ MORE

Two weeks post op Butt Implants (660 cc) and there is now a small hole at top of incision... I am very concerned! (photos)

I had my butt augment two weeks ago today.. Everything went well .. Pain was tolerable and when I had my tubes removed at 1 week post op my external... READ MORE

Am I In the Clear if Butt Implant Infection No Longer Smells When Being Drained?

I had my buttocks implants surgery, then after a week i went to my first appointment,and when my doctor touched my butt, i told him i felt air... READ MORE

I Just Had Buttock Implants,do I Have an Infection or is my Wound Open?

Had buttock implants 2 weeks ago. My drains came off 1 day early. Since I had breast augmentation & lift all done at the same time. My Dr.... READ MORE

I had butt implants and they are now infected. What to do?

Had the butt implants put in 2weeks ago weds. Drain was only in for 48hrs. 2weeks post this weds. Woke up in blood. Went to.doctors now he wants to... READ MORE

i'm 16 days post op, is my incision infected? (photo)

Hi , 16 days PO I'm a little concerned my incision doesn't look good i clean it every day first I swipe with Alcohol pad then apply Neosporin then... READ MORE

Butt implants bruising 2 weeks after surgery. (photo)

This bruising started 2 weeks after my buttocks implant ... what is this a sign of . I am going to see my surgeon Monday but i want to hear other... READ MORE

How to Massage Buttock Implants?

My buttock is quite hard at the stop. 2 weeks post opp READ MORE

How soon after butt implants can you start dancing and sitting down?

I'm an exotic dancer in NYC. I had the butt implants surgery 2 weeks ago, I feel good, the swelling went away, it still feels a little painful and... READ MORE

How much would it cost to go back and add fat around the implant to give it more of a natural look? (Photo)

Add fat for a more natural look, two week post op, I have round butt implants 400cc. leave for school in August in London want this done before I go. READ MORE

I Am a Dancer, when Can I Get Back to Work? Also when Can I Stop Putting Dressings on my Incision?

Buttock implants I have had buttock implants for 2 weeks now. Its healing pretty great, the incision scab has come off, implants are starting to get... READ MORE

Will immediate removal of butt implants relieve sciatic nerve irritation?

I am 16 days after undergoing butt implant surgery and I regret it everyday. Everything was healing fine up to two weeks until the doctor said it was... READ MORE

Hi Doctors? Is this incision infected? (photos)

I had butt implants 01/18. I'm 15 days post op and my incision opened yesterday. I still have the drains on and I havent sit down. Do I need more... READ MORE

I haven't pooped since my butt implant surgery ten days ago! Is there something wrong?

I got butt implants put in ten days ago & haven't popped since. I've tried high fiber foods, a laxative... Nothing works... Is there something wrong?... READ MORE

Does having seroma mean that your butt implants need to be removed?

My doctor says it's too soon to know if they need to be removed, but I've heard in this site a lot of people have had them removed after this... READ MORE

I Had Butt Implants Two Weeks Ago but I Still Feel I Want a Tighter Butt... is This Possible by Exercise?

Note: I never really tried hard working on that area, i took the easy way out which is surgery but i want to get it tighter in the lower part because... READ MORE

Blood in poop after butt implants! I'm embarrassed! Please help!! Is this alarming?

I had butt implants Sept 11, after not pooping for a week I finally pooped & it was bright red blood, now every time I poop there's still bright red... READ MORE

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