Swelling + Buccal Fat Removal

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When Will Swelling from Buccal Pad Removal Go Down?

I got a chin implant, buccal pad removal, and neck lipo the 25th. My cheeks are huge & look aweful as well as my neck. Ive been taking arnica and... READ MORE

I've had buccal fat removed 1 day ago, is this amount of swelling normal? (Photo)

Yesterday I decided to have that procedure as well as neck liposuction. My doctor did not inform me that the extent of swelling would be this severe.... READ MORE

Did my Surgeon Remove my Cheek Implants During Buccal Fat Removal?

I know this sounds really crazy but I've recently had buccal fat removal. However, now that I see my results after 2 weeks my cheeks seem flatter.... READ MORE

24 year old female. Huge swelling, hard lump 6 days after buccal fat pad removal. Is this hematoma or an abscess?

Hi. The buccal fat removal was done 11 days ago abroad. 6 days post-surgery the swelling on my left cheek decreased, but my right cheek is still very... READ MORE

When will the swelling completely resolve?

Buccal fat removal. Still pretty swollen around cheek area especially my right side. My buccal area is much better. Had surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago READ MORE

A hematoma post buccal fat pad extraction or a more serious injury? (Photo)

I had the procedure done this afternoon. I have had a severe swelling and stiffness on my right cheek immexiatelly after that and all the bruising and... READ MORE

Is this amount of swelling normal after buccal fat removal? (Photo)

2 days ago I decided to have buccal fat pad removal as well as neck liposuction. My doctor did not inform me that the extent of swelling would be this... READ MORE

Platysmaplasty/Buccal fat pad removal Recovery - How long until presentable for work again?

Just wondering, on average, how long does it take for bruising and noticeable swelling and scarring to subside enough that it isn't extremely... READ MORE

What is causing my swelling and what can I do?

I had buccal fat removal 8 months ago and my cheeks are still swollen. Its weird because the swelling travels from one cheek to the other, it just... READ MORE

Buccal fat pad removal; left cheek swelled up? What do I do?

I had mine done in matter of about am hour or so of me getting home I drink a chicken soup and with in seconds my left cheek swelled up like a ball. I... READ MORE

Weakened around my lips after Buccal lipectomy. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had Buccal fat removal surgery on 3/22/16. Its only been 13 days and most of the swelling has already gone done, I never had an infection or... READ MORE

I had buccal fat removal on Wednesday the 12th April. The swelling is excessive on one side? (Photo)

The doctor thinks he damaged the salivary gland as it worsened after food. When it first happened, he removed some stitches and allowed the saliva to... READ MORE

Buccal fat removal procedure 5 days ago. Swelling and pain. (Photo)

My checks are so swollen, very painful and are hard as rocks. It's difficult to open my mouth to eat. How long can I except for recovery. I was told... READ MORE

is it normal for one side of cheek to be slightly more swollen than the other post buccal fat removal? (Photo)

I'm 24 hour post op buccalectomy. I'm not in any pain to my surprise, just very mild tenderness when touched and some mild swelling. I can eat, open... READ MORE

My left side of my mouth feels numb? (Photo)

Hi doctors i recently had a jaw reduction as well as a buccal fat extraction. Inside my mouth my right side seems to feel very good swelling is going... READ MORE

Can I resume training 6 days post buccal fat removal?

Hello. I am an athlete and I had all of my buccal fat removed 6 days ago. The swelling is not bad and is going down. Can I resume my training? Thanks! READ MORE

12 days since I've done my Buccal fat removal - tooth pain.

I'm a bit concerned...not so much about the swelling, which I still have, especially on my right side, but more for: 1. some tooth pain (I'd say the... READ MORE

Is there any slimming of face 3 months post-op? If no, is the surgery not successful, OR, there's too much swelling? (Photo)

On Sept 23, 2014, I had facial lipo of subcutaneous fat from cheeks, buccal fat, double chin, and also I had surgical masseter muscle reduction, and... READ MORE

Problem and scar after buccal fat pad removal. What should I do?

Hi Doctor.I want to consult about my cheek.8 month ago.I have buccual fat pad removal.After surgery i was infected in my left cheek.It is so much... READ MORE

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