When Will Swelling from Buccal Pad Removal Go Down?

I got a chin implant, buccal pad removal, and neck lipo the 25th. My cheeks are huge & look aweful as well as my neck. Ive been taking arnica and keeping ice packs inside of my head garment but theyre still so swollen. When will they start to look a bit better? Will the swelling look at least a little better by July 18th?? i have an important day that day and need to at least look OK. My lip is also crooked when i smile (dr warned me of this).

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Swelling after buccal fat removal

Buccal fat removal is a procedure that involves a lot of hand holding post op.  Most patients get very swollen after surgery and feel that they cannot see a difference or look worse early after surgery.  It takes several months before you see the desired cheek contours and our patients are generally pleased with the results after the swelling resolves.  Be patient....warm compresses and massage may also be helpful after a few more days to help remove the swelling that has occurred.

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