Dimple + Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal or masseter muscle Botox? (photos)

I have always had a wide/big face, especially when I smile. Wanting a slimmer looking face, I have considered buccal fat removal or masseter muscle... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal & Dimple Creation?

I want a heart shaped face (Think Kim Kardashian) The fat removed from my cheeks will be reinjected in my cheekbones, and some in my lips. Can I get... READ MORE

I have natural very deep dimples. I got buccal fat pads removed. Will it ruin my dimples? (Photo)

I did the bucala removal 4 days ago I know I need to be patient my face doesn't look so swollen anymore but I can't see my dimples my dr says give it... READ MORE

Protruding excess fat pocket on one side of mouth? Very uneven dimples/smile lines, what can be done to fix this?(18) (Photos)

The right side and left side of my mouth are so uneven especially when I smile, and it has caused me to become increasingly more and more insecure. It... READ MORE

Will Buccal Fat Removal TAKE AWAY my dimples? (photos)

I know dimples have to do with a short cheek muscles gap or something of that sort; I'm just curious as to If the fat removal process will take my... READ MORE

Creation of chin cleft. Buccal fat removal

1:Surgical technique require for cleft creation which is approved by board certified plastic surgeons. Can the procedure be done with L/A 2: can... READ MORE

Can I get buccal fat removal if I've had dimple Surgery?

I have had dimple procedure 5 years ago, where 2 incision where made and Stickes put inside my mouth to give me dimples. All aiming toward more... READ MORE

If I Were to Have a Buccal Fat Removal Procedure, Would I Lose my Dimples? (photo)

I have naturally high cheekbones and dimples, but because of a round face due to genetics, you can rarely see my cheekbones unless my face is at a... READ MORE

Dimpleplasty & or Buccal Fat Removal. Which is the best for me? (Photo)

I have always had an extremely round face (photos attached). I would really like to get dimples, it runs in my family but the gene skipped me. I am... READ MORE

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