Uneven Nipples + Breast Reduction

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Normal if I Had a Breast Reduction 3 Years Ago & my Scar is Still Visible & my Nipples Are Uneven? (photo)

Three years ago, I had a breast reduction on one breast due to a tumor. I was a 32J on the side operated on, and a 32B on the side that was normal. It... READ MORE

I Am 6 Months Post Op from a Breast Reduction and my Nipples Are Inverted, Unevenly Leveled, and the Shape is Horrible?

I went from an H to one D and one C. My nipples are inverted and uneven heights, the scars aren't even and dont follow the natural line under my... READ MORE

How Long Recover Natural Nipple After Production Breast Operation? (photo)

I had a reduction on my left breast 4 months ago, and my nipple isn't natural like my right. I did not have a reduction on my right breast. will it... READ MORE

I'm 5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction Surgery, and I'm Worried About Asymmetrical Nipples? (Photos)

Like my question header, I've been examining my post-surgical scars (5 days post-op). Of course I know that swelling is to be expected, but i've... READ MORE

Could Nipples Eventually Even Out? (photo)

My right nipple has been one inch higher than the left nipple since surgery day. The higher nipple is on the breast with more swelling, but is this... READ MORE

Areolas are different size and nipples are not level. Starting to regret having breast reduction (Photo)

5 wks post op breast reduction and my areoles and nipples are still different heights and shape. My breast are also still didn't sizes. Is it likely... READ MORE

My nipples are not the same. Will they stay this way or even out? (Photo)

I'm 17 days post op BR and heing well. I'm concerned as my breast look different. My nipples look different size as do the size and shape of my breast... READ MORE

Breast reduction healing well, but nipples are asymmetrical. Will they ever be symmetrical again?

Nipples are at different heights. I got slightly more taken out of my right breast due to asymmetry before. My PS said over time it may change but its... READ MORE

More Fat Under One Nipple/areola then the Other Post Gyno Surgery/liposuction Normal?

I just had gyno liposuction and gland removal by a very reputable surgeon whom happens to be the chief of plastic surgery in a very big hospital in my... READ MORE

Breasts still indented 7 months after BR? Uneven areolas & square breasts? (Photos)

Breasts still indented, left breast is a different shape than my right (more square-like) and my areola are different heights. My Dr said the indents... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op, no improvement. Any suggestions? (photos)

Dear doctors, I'm asking again about my recent BR. I'm still really unhappy with my results. Uneven shape, uneven nipples and different sized areolas.... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction and am very happy with it (I had it done for back pain which is gone). My nipples are asymmetrical.

My MD ( who I like) said that a purse string type suture let go. He said it is a small matter to fix. Is it a low risk high benefit procedure or am I... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 20 years ago and my left nipple looks larger than the right. Is this normal and can it be fixed? (Photo)

Wondered if this was normal after such a long time and if there was anything that could be done to fix it? READ MORE

Question about nipple being larger than the other and cone shape. Will the shape change other time? (Photo)

Had a breast reduction and i love them just I'm just worried about the shape it like a cone shape will that change over time I'm 12 days post so I... READ MORE

I would like to find out options for me after bad breast surgery? (photos)

When I was younger my breast grew asymmetrical. The doctors decided to do a reduction and lift. I was very young when I decided to do the surgery. Now... READ MORE

Left Breast Reduction and Right Crescent Mastopexy to Help Improve Asymmetry?

The only problem is now the right breast is larger where as the left is smaller and not at all the same shape. Thw right looks natrual and the left... READ MORE

Very Asymmetrical Nipple, 3 weeks Post-op after a Breast Reduction.

I had a Lollipop incision Breast reduction/lift 3 weeks ago and have a one inch variation in nipple height & centrality. The breast with the higher... READ MORE

Breast reduction - nipple asymmetry (Photo)

I am 4.5 weeks post op breast reduction. I really like my new shape and size. I had some asymmetry before the operation, I know that some can be... READ MORE

Uneven nipples after breast reduction w/ lift on December 3rd 2015. What do you think I should do?

I have noticed that my right nipple is more medial and higher w/ the left being more lateral. The left breast is slightly larger too. I am happy with... READ MORE

The skin on my breast below my nipples feels like leather and lacks sensation. Can anything be done to restore this?

I hate the results of my breast reduction. I have very uneven nipples. One is too high, the other too far to the side. The breasts are uneven. The... READ MORE

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