Sensation Loss + Breast Reduction

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What Are the Stats on Loss of Nipple Sensitivity After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I am 5ft 3" and a 32G cup and 43 years old. I am considering breast reduction surgery to relieve back, neck and shoulder pains but am very... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction - Will It Make Scar / Sensation Worse?

Had a breast reduction 5 years ago. Believe my true cup size was a G cup, and asked to go down to a C cup. Well I ended up with a D cup size and after... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op After Breast Reduction and I Have No Sensation in One Nipple

I know it is rare but possible to loose nipple sensation after breast reduction without free nipple graft but I still feel numb on one side. Is this... READ MORE

How Long Will Normal Activities Cause Pain After a Breast Reduction?

Will there be any loss of sensitivity around the breast after a reduction? Could this last for months? READ MORE

Breast Reduction 15 Years Ago & Lost the Sensation on my Left Nipple, Now Have Itching Sensation Under That Nipple?

I have had an irritating "itch" under the nipple area. Have never had the sensation return following a breast reduction 15 years ago. This itching is... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Before the Sexual Sensation Comes Back After a Breast Reduction?

How Long Does It Take Before the Sexual Sensation Comes Back After a Breast Reduction? READ MORE

Breast Reduction 3 Wks Post Op 32HH to 32DD?

I'm concerned my nipples are not even sized? Also one seems more puckered than the other, these will flatten out won't they? The left nipple seems... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Procedure for Me to Allow for As Little Postoperative Shape, Min Scar and Min Sensation Loss? (photo)

I have struggled for years with heavy sagging breasts. I lose weight but they don't get smaller. Wearing a bra is painful immediately! I have had my... READ MORE

Sensory Loss Following Reduction Mammoplasty

I had a breast reduction mammoplasty since 3 years ,following the surgery i lost sensation of touch in the nipple and areola, but i fell pressure and... READ MORE

3 months post breast reduction. Would I qualify for revision surgery? (photos)

I'm 3 months post op and I've been trying to be very positive about my results. I haven't had a backache or headache since my surgery for which I'm... READ MORE

How long does it take to regain feeling in the breasts post reduction?

I have a numb feeling in both breasts, and complete nipple sensation, almost hypersensitivity in the nipples. How long does it take for feeling to... READ MORE

Permanent loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction surgery. What are the chances of getting sensitivity back?

I got breast reduction surgery almost 3 weeks ago, and one of my biggest fears was a loss of nipple sensation. The night after surgery I gave my left... READ MORE

Loss of Sensation in Armpit After Excision of Axillary Breast Tissue?

I had a surgery for excision of axillary breast tissue from my right underarm four months ago. Surgery was performed under GA. It has healed, but I've... READ MORE

Areola peeling with slight drainage with no smell or sensation (feeling). (Photo)

I was advised that my areola would began to peel and once it peels it will return to it's normal color. I would like to know if the pictures attached... READ MORE

7 months post Breast Reduction. No sensation in breast; keloid skin around nipples & asymmetrical. Now what? (Photo)

You can see earlier photos on my profile but here is my current look. I'm very embarrassed and don't allow my hubby to touch them. I'm 7mths after BR... READ MORE

Loss of Nipple Sensation After Reduction/lift and No Pain in That Breast Upon Healing?

I had what I hoped was a breast reduction (and not just a lift) 15 weeks ago. But my doctor took out only 73 grams from my right and only 96 grams... READ MORE

Lost Feeling in my Left Nipple After Breast Reduction 6 Weeks Ago?

I had a BR about 6 years ago, i realised a week ago that half of my left nipple turned white and i lost feeling in that part of the nipple. Should i... READ MORE

Do I really need a free nipple graft?

I went to see a plastic surgeon about getting a breast reduction. I'm a size 40ddd. And would like to go down to a c cup. He said I'd need to have a... READ MORE

The skin on my breast below my nipples feels like leather and lacks sensation. Can anything be done to restore this?

I hate the results of my breast reduction. I have very uneven nipples. One is too high, the other too far to the side. The breasts are uneven. The... READ MORE

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