Open Wound + Breast Reduction

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I Have 2 Open Wounds and Im Putting Everyday Vaseline or Triple Ointment...what else I Can Do? (photo)

I want it to heal as soon as possible.... my surgery was 3 weeks ago,,,and it happens 1 week ago. READ MORE

Open bleeding wounds breast lift/reduction? (photo)

I had BR Surgery 21 days ago. After 10 days two open wounds near the T incition open. Left breast wound grew from a dime size to a quarter size. It... READ MORE

Why is my Incision Tearing Open 4 Weeks Post Breast Reduction?

The first two weeks postop I was sore but not uncomfortable and everything seemed to be healing till now. My right side vertical incision and my left... READ MORE

How Do I Care for This Wound Separation? (photo)

I have wound separation and large hard spots under each breast. I'm on antibiotics for poss infection. One of the scabs near my areola came off so... READ MORE

I Had BR Surgery and Now I Have an Open Wound/sore That Won't Heal? (photo)

I had BR surgery on 2/1/2013 in Caracas Venezuela. The stitches are find but an open wound start opening and it's been bleeding a little and it's not... READ MORE

I had my second breast reduction 30 yrs ago, Open Wound After Breast Reduction?

I had my second breast reduction on May 14, 1st 30 yrs ago, when the surgeon took off tape after my10 day visit, I didn't notice until I got home that... READ MORE

My wounds has gotten bigger & not healing. Is there any reason not to have the wounds cleaned up & re-sutured?(photo)

My reduction was 5-8-14. Healed rapidly except for the top of a suture line. I'm on Actemra for RA & am concerned that my infusion will have to be... READ MORE

Help! Need to Heal Open Wound

I had my breast reduction on 4/5 and had this nasty open wound come under my left breast approaching 5 weeks post op. I am doing wet to dry dressing... READ MORE

E. Coli Infection After Breast Reduction?

Had breast reduction 4.5 wks. ago, started draining 2 wks. ago & incisions opened up in 3 spots. Told dr.'s asst. & she said I was ok just... READ MORE

Will I Need Additional Stitches? Or Can It Be Glued? (photo)

Had my reduction almost 3 weeks ago and my right breast is fine but as soon as the tape came off 2 days ago on my left breast I noticed it looks torn.... READ MORE

How long should it take for wound to stop spreading and start healing? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on Feb 4 and incision started separating approx 2 weeks after. My open wound is quite large and very painful now. I am seen... READ MORE

4 weeks post up from breast reduction and lipo, is this wound separation infected/serious? (photos)

Went to see my doctor earlier this week and be said that the open wound was normal and should start to heal in 2 to 3 weeks. I've been experiencing... READ MORE

BR 4 Weeks Ago, Open Wounds Turning Black?

One of the wounds is turning black on the inside tissue. What does this mean? I see my ps in 2 days, should i see ps sooner? READ MORE

Can I Use Duoderm Patches or Peroxide Water to Heal This Wound Faster? (photo)

It's been know 24 days after BR/Lift surgery and the open wounds are not healing. They are not infected and I've been keeping them cover with sterile... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op, am I starting to heal? (photos)

I am 3 1/2 post breast reduction. My incisions have both opened up. They have turned from yellow to red. PS has me doing gauze with Bacitracin several... READ MORE

Does Smoking Cause Open Wounds and Infection on a Breast Reduction?

I am also curious as to why I have mixed stories from different doctors in regards to smoking and the affects before and after surgery. I have talked... READ MORE

Why Did my Breasts Open Underneath Leaving a Deep Hole?

I received a breast reduction 10 days ago. Now I have a deep open hole under both breasts. I want to know if they can be can be closed. The doctor... READ MORE

How do T-junction openings heal after Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction about three weeks ago, and the incisions opened up a little at the T-junction, to about a quarter size. I know this is a... READ MORE

Will my Incision Open up if I'm Peeling the Glue in my Sleep? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction the 17, it will be 3 weeks in 2 days. I believe I peel off the glue in my sleep. I'm deadly worry it will open up. READ MORE

I Also Had a Breast Reduction and the Open Wound on my Left Breast T-zone Has Formed a Scab. Most All the Area Has Healed Now?

Except for one little spot that has a scab that will not go away. It seems that there is a little black stitch underneath. (i rememember seeing the... READ MORE

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