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5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, Have Yellow Fluid Leaking From the Incision?

I have yellow fluid leaking from the incision and yellow thick like substance looks like it is coming out of the incision under the breast. Is this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Post Op Wound Dehiscence - What Can I Do?

I am so scared.I had a breast reduct. 1 week ago.I was a 34F & asked to be a small D.The surgeon did a superior medial technique.I have a lollipop... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 3 Weeks Post-op - Fluid-Filled Blister on Nipple/Areola

I had three weeks ago a breast reduction and i did everything what the doctor told me.Rest.a week ago my aerola and nipple had a big blister filled... READ MORE

Seromas After Breast Reduction

I had breast reduction surgery. I had a bleeder and 2nd sx 12 hours later. Then 1week later had to have 500cc serous fluid drained. 2 days later and... READ MORE

I noticed an odor from right breast incision, causing leakage and offensive smell. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi,over the last couple of days I have noticed an odour form my right breast,it's not foul more a weeping smell I do what've some yellowish fluid... READ MORE

My Sister Just Had a Breast Reduction 5 Days Ago and is Hearing Water Like Sounds in Her Breast. Is This Normal? (photo)

My sister just had a breast reduction 5 days ago and is hearing water like sounds in her breast. She does not have implants and is very concerned. Is... READ MORE

Fluid Filled Bump 7 Months After Breast Reduction on Incision Line? (photo)

October 6th 2011 I had my breast reduction and have healed pretty well considering I havent used any oils or creams to fade my scars... but now I have... READ MORE

Is my left breast swollen beyond what is considered normal? (photo)

I am 5 days post-op...reduction w new Silicone and lift. From 36J to approx 34D-DD. PS also did some lipo of my sides. My right breast feels fine..but... READ MORE

Can I Pop Painful Fluid Filled Bump at Incision/suture Sight? (photo)

I am 6 months post op breast reduction. The painful, fluid filled swelling is accompanied by intermittent deep, sharp stabbing pain. There is a... READ MORE

How Can I Help the Large Open Wound on my Left Breast to Heal? Silvadene?

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and my left side has a largpigpen wound it will not heal and it keeps getting bigger my right side feels like... READ MORE

What is Going on with my Breast? Is This Normal? (photo)

One day I was at work ( desk job) and I felt like my right breast felt really heavy. It started to have a mild pain. So I went to check my breast and... READ MORE

Is it normal to have one of my drain tubes leaking after breast reduction surgery?

Both breasts have drains in them but the left one is leaking at the entry site. From what I can see the tube is still in the breast but fluid is... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 9 weeks post op and another hole appears. It's oozing a little blood stained fluid. Should I be worried?

I had my reduction done 9 weeks ago but had problems with healing as immune suppressed . Holes are healing slowly but have just found another area... READ MORE

Have 5 & 1/2 Cm Fluid Pocket to Breast Following Reduction 6 Wks Ago. is Treatment Needed?

Am 6 to 8 weeks post op. from breast reduction. Had abdominal ultrasound & it showed portion of left breast & revealed nodule. Had ultasound... READ MORE

About 3 Weeks Ago I Had a Large Amount of Fluid Drain from a Sudden Hole Along Under Side of Breast Reduction, Will This Heal?

How long till I heal? Will I be disfigured? I pack three times a day and it's painful! I'm five weeks post op READ MORE

Do I Need To Drain This Fluid After Reduction?

Is there any way to get rid of the fluid quickly? I do not remotely look like I have had a breast reduction and I can hear the fluid gurgling around.... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Swelling/fluid 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I am 3 wks post op with swelling of the left breast. My PS says its fluid and not to worry as my body will absorb it. It's not painful, I have no... READ MORE

Thinking of going to the ER to get my left breast drained after reduction.

I went to my PS's office yesterday,I have been experiencing mild necrosis on the nipple, shooting pains, hard lumps and now the fluid. They gave me... READ MORE

Breast Reduction- 7weeks Post Op. Do I Have Infection?

Still get little fluid coming out from incision under my right breast and the colour turned to light green. What should I do? Freaking out- pls reply asap READ MORE

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