Bra + Breast Reduction

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How Long After Breast Reduction Should You Wait to Sleep Without a Bra?

How long after breast reduction surgery should you wait before going braless(sleepig without)? READ MORE

When Can I Stop Wearing a Bra After Breast Reduction?

My reduction was on the 18th and as most women know who have had this surgery the most exciting part is being able to finally go bra-less. I was... READ MORE

Bras After Breast Reduction?

Recently reduced to a 36D. I am approaching 6 weeks post op and looking for a sports bra. I do a lot of high impact exercising and this bra will be... READ MORE

Is there any way to get rid of the indentations from bra straps after breast reduction?

I have deep troughs in my shoulders from bra straps. After a breast reduction, is there anyway to repair these? Do they self-correct to a certain... READ MORE

Does Everyone Need Surgical Bras and Compression Garments?

I am scheduled for tummy tuck and breast reduction on 12/30/11. My PS didn't mention needing to purchase compression garments or surgical bras,... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction, When Will the Soreness go Away? Bras are Irritating the Area.

I had BR Feb 24 - 38DD to 38C. The breasts are still very sore and bruised. The area most bothersome is where the drains were - its like the bra... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Not Wear a Surgical Bra or a Sports Bra After a Breast Reduction?

I just had a breast reduction (from a h to a c) four days ago. I went for an Appointment today and he took the drains out and the bandages off and... READ MORE

When is It Recommended for One to Go Bra Shopping After Surgery?

I had a reduction on Feb. 10th. I'm 5'4, 140 lbs. I asked to be in the fullB/smallC range. It is now two weeks later and nothing fits!... READ MORE

Can't Get Enough Support for 38DD Breasts

Age 30, mother of 3, 5'6, 200 lbs, wear a size 38DD bra. wear a regular bra and a sports bra on top. never feels like i have enough support. my... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Wear a Wireless Bra After Breast Reduction?

I'm about three weeks post op and was wondering when it's safe for me to switch to wearing a non-underwire, yet supportive, bra. I've switched to my... READ MORE

Discomfort from Sports Bra After Breast Reduction

The sports bra is causing me a bit of discomfort. It is not tight but just touching my nipples and scars is aggravating. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

How long did you wear a bra to bed?

I am almost 5 weeks post. I have been wearing a bra or a camisole with a shelf bra to bed. I am developing an issue at the t. I finally slept without... READ MORE

What Your Opinion About Laser Bra Breast Reduction? (photo)

What is anyones opinion about Laser Bra Breast Reduction? I am 21 and i am 5'3 and about 160 to 175lbs an is has a somewhat tiny figure and have... READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Bring a Bra the Size I Hope to Be After Surgery with Me to Pre-op? (photo)

I am sceduled for surgery May 25 2012. I have been looking at smaller bras and I have notice that the cup sizes "D" and "DD" tend... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Told Me to Wear One of my Underwire Bras over the Gauze 4 Days Post Breast Reduction. Is This Okay?

It's been 6 days since my breast reduction. On the 4th or 3rd day, my plastic surgeon told me to bring one of my bras to wear over the gauze and he... READ MORE

Wearing 2 or 3 Bras at One Time: Is Surgery Optional or Mandatory?

I'm 34 and 4'11" I'm now starting to have back problems and I work out with difficulty I sometimes wear 2-3 bras at a time. is surgry... READ MORE

I'm 17 and have a 32 HH cup size, Can i get a reduction?

Well, one boob is a I and the other is a HH. i dont have back pain yet but i cant run without it hurting, my bras also hurts my stomach sometimes and... READ MORE

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