Axillary Breast Tissue + Breast Reduction

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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Axillary Breast Tissue from Under One Arm?

I have axillary breast tissue under one arm. I would like to know what the price range is to have it surgically removed or liposuctioned out. Or is... READ MORE

Should I Have Axillary Tissue Removed with my Breast Reduction?

My PS is convinced the axillary is primarily breast tissue and is concerned that lipo will not leave a good result. He would prefer to do the BR first... READ MORE

Is Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Covered by OHIP? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old with breast tissue in my armpits. During a yearly physical and breast exam, my family doctor palpated my armpits and determined it... READ MORE

BR and the Axillary Indentation Between Breast and Armpit? (photo)

Hello....I'm a little concerned about the way my breast reduction came out. Not sure if they are going to drop and am not sure if the indentation... READ MORE

I Had Bilateral Axillary Breast Tissue Surgically Excised About One Year Ago but It Has Now Grown Back; Seeking Advice?

I am wondering if a second surgery is an option, or if it would just grow back again. The consistency of the tissue if different due to the formation... READ MORE

My Breast Reduction Included Auxilla Tuck but the Scars Under the Arm Are Thick & Ropey?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago which included auxilla tuck under both arms. My breast are amazingly beautiful even now but the scars underneath... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get axillary breast tissue removed in the UK from excision?

I have axillary breast tissue on both sides and would like it removed. I don't want lipo, I would rather just have it taken away completely. How much... READ MORE

Should Breast Reduction take care of fatty tissue under arm and around my side? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery almost three months ago. I have concerns about fatty tissue protruding out in a foot ball shape around my side. Is it... READ MORE

Loss of Sensation in Armpit After Excision of Axillary Breast Tissue?

I had a surgery for excision of axillary breast tissue from my right underarm four months ago. Surgery was performed under GA. It has healed, but I've... READ MORE

Can auxiliary breast tail be fixed and whats the down time for this procedure? (photo)

My breast were long and droopy prior to my reduction 3 weeks ago, but they were shaped regularly at the sides near my armpit upper rib area. Now I... READ MORE

What options do I have for side boob fat/axillary fat removal? 2 months post op breast reduction, side boobs still there.(photo)

The lipo of the side boobs was not done during my breast reduction surgery. I am disappointed that the axillary fat/side boobs were not removed after... READ MORE

Axillary Breast Tissue in the Right Under Arm, What Should I Do?

Axillary breast tissue in the right under armHI IM HAVING A LyMPH IN MY RIGHT UNDER ARM..I guess it axillary breast tissue???i consult the doctor 3... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction Axillary Removal?

What is a reasonable fee for either a combination of lipo and excision or excision alone? Am I correct that this would need to be performed under... READ MORE

Excision of axillary breast tissue, not resolved through liposuction and Breast Reduction? (photos)

I had a breast lift/small reduction on 4/2/2015 with good results. My PS performed lipo on the axillary area--but was only able to remove 50 gm of... READ MORE

I would like to get Axillary(Ectopic) breast tissue removed. I am concerned about scarring. Can it be done with Endoscopically?

I live in NYC and looking for a doctor who has experience on removal of Axillary breast tissue. No one seems to have any before and after pics.... READ MORE

Post op bilateral axillary breast tissue removal (excisional) I just had axillary breast tissue removed from both arms 1 wk ago.

I have a question concerning the fold/pouch still present. There is obviously no harder bulge there anymore since that was the breast tissue, but... READ MORE

Should I Do a Revision Breast Reduction? My Breasts Have Grown Back, With Extra Axially Tissue.

I underwent a reduction 8 years ago. I went from a 34 G to a 34 D. In the past few years, my breasts have grown back to their original size. I have... READ MORE

Desperately Needing Help Docs? (photo)

I am 25 years,morbidly obese at 260 lbs,5ft 8 and I have breast tails the size of golf balls.Based on my last health check,I don't have high... READ MORE

What the best treatment is for Axillary Breast Tissue removal? (photo)

I am a 26 yr old living in Seattle, WA with hopes of getting rid of my axillary breast tissue - for good. I've had this "fat or tissue" since I was... READ MORE

If I Get Axillary Breast Tissue Removed, Will It Reduce my Breast Size?

I have axillary breast tissue in both of my arm pits. I wish to get them surgically removed. Will that also reduce my breast size? If it does not by... READ MORE

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