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After a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstructive surgery involves a series of procedures to rebuild the breast and reconstruct nipples. Some women choose to have additional procedures months or years later to improve the symmetry of their breasts, fill in areas with fat grafts, or refine their nipples. The Federal Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act stipulates that insurance plans providing mastectomy coverage must provide coverage for surgery done to improve symmetry between a reconstructed breast and the opposite breast (even a revision) and for nipple reconstruction. (To verify your coverage, pre-certify the procedure with your insurance carrier and request a predetermination of benefits.)

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From Botched to Beautiful

One year ago I went and had a previous breast augmentation and lift revised due to bottoming out! Unfortunately, the worst mistake of my life, not the procedure but the surgeon. I had a large opening three infections. I ended up in wound care and having to have an explant. I spent an additional... READ MORE

Skin Grafts 6 Days Post Op to Breast Wounds S/p Breast Reconstruction - Stanford, CA

I am adding this as a separate review because this is my second surgeon since my prophylatic bilateral mastectomy with flap reconstruction done on 7/20/16. I had a revision on 8/12 and then this skin graft on 8/31 after my incisions split open. I also had a wound culture grow serratia that I am... READ MORE

Want Them out - Alpharetta, GA

I would like to get the implants removed. Been almost 20yrs and the are lumpy and hard. Would i need a lift? I am 105lb and they just dont match anymore. Plese help dr bauer. My name was Eve Ledbetter in 98. Could you give me a rough cost please, my back, shouders and i cant even sleep on... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Revision 36 Yr Old - Dallas, TX

I can not say enough about doctor Hubbard and his amazing staff. Kate and him were a God send. Diagnosed with early breast cancer at 35 and BRCA 1 gene, decided to go mastectomy and recon at 35. Had good results but was not happy and affecting my self esteem (1st set of implants were too small... READ MORE

Boob job #2! 35 years old 3kids

Just had the surgery performed yesterday morning at 10 a.m. Woke up in recovery to obtain I can only compare to Fresh incisions being covered with rubbing alcohol. It was the most intense burning and stinging I have ever felt and rated my pain at a 7. They gave me a shot of morphine. I was... READ MORE

Dr.DeSantis - Danville, PA

DR.DeSantis is awesome!! He did my revison and I couldn't be happier. My previous surgeon did a terrible job giving me 265cc high profile Natrelle inspira Implants. They were very far apart had no movement to them and were pretty hard. My new implants Dr.DeSantis did areceive softer now at day 5... READ MORE

54 Y/o, Two Kids, 4'11" and 1/2, Bottom out and Symmastia

Wonderful doctor, great surgeon, the only doctor that actually escort us from the waiting room to the consulting room, himself. Very personal and take his time to explain things. The office staff are wonderful and professional. All phone calls are answers quickly and email respond right the... READ MORE

Ongoing Reconstruction

I was diagnosed 17 years ago with ER+/her2+ breast cancer in my left breast. I had a mastectomy of my left breast – in those days bilateral mastectomies were not recommended. I did not opt for reconstruction and lived with that for five years. At five years to celebrate my survival against a... READ MORE

53 Years Old - Had my 15 Year Old Post-mastectomy Reconstruction Revised - Kalispell, MT

I had breast cancer when I was 37. I had a right side only mastectomy done with reconstruction following a year later. At the time, silicone implants were banned so I had a saline implant. It was poorly positioned from the beginning and NOT symmetrical at all. After living with it like that... READ MORE

Botched No More - Newport Beach, CA

So this was my 5th Breast Augmentation but not by choice! Being young and dumb I had 3 prior surgeries before having children, each time wanting to be bigger (looking back now, worst mistake ever) After having 2 children gaining a bunch of weight, then loosing it my breast started to really sag... READ MORE

Reconstruction Revision with Implants and Additional Fat Grafting - Austin, TX

Dr. Weinfeld revised a three-year-old DIEP Flap breast reconstruction I had had. It was done by another doctor after a double mastectomy due to cancer. On one side, I had large areas that were hard and painful, and the breast flaps had become uneven over time. Also, I had indention on one side... READ MORE

42 Years Old Breast Reconstruction After Double Mastectomy

After the decision was made to have a double mastectomy, I knew right away I would choose reconstruction but I wasn't sure which type I would have. After meeting with Dr. Rosas and discussing my options, I chose reconstruction with expanders. The double mastectomy was done in July 2015, at which... READ MORE

Implant And Capsule Removal Dr Guillermo Koellicker

Aftercare was the top variable in this decision, after the surgeons credentials. 24 yrs ago, Original implants placed on top of the muscle, large enough to fill out post-breast feeding tissue along with a lift. After so many years, I'm back to the "tennis ball in a tube sock" look, just bigger!... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision with Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

I had 500 cc saline implants for 16 yrs (second set). I felt that as i age they were looking nore inappropriate and I was wanting to look less like an aging stripper! HA! I was recommended to Dr J by a friend who had 2 friends that had gone to him. I had them reduced but felt they could be... READ MORE

Truly a Miracle - Birmingham, AL

In 2003 I I had bilateral Mastectomies and reconstruction with saline implants. I did not like the saline implants because they had a lot of rippling. In 2008 had saline replaced with silicone with a terrible result. After several years of thinking this was what I was stuck with I did some... READ MORE

Great Young ,handsome Doctor - East Rochester, NY

I love his work im gonna suggest him to alot ppl !! He is very confident ,calm energy everyone thinks he did a perfect job on my boobs and its still healing so that goes to show the sewing ,stitching is great i will recommend him to all my friends.. and im in the hiphop industry so ppl will... READ MORE

I Love Who I Am Now, 57 and Feeling Great. Pensacola, FL

I actually had a DIEP Flap surgery in Sept 2015, 2 weeks ago I had a revision to one breast because the other decided it had a mind of its own and shrink due to radiation treatment I had the year before, so I had the one breast reduced just a little bit, he suck a little fat out of same areas... READ MORE

35yo Stage 2b Breast Cancer Survivor - Beverly Hills, CA

I was diagnosed with IDC stage 2b at age of 33yo. Eight days later I had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders place. My original breast surgeon and plastic surgeon did their best at taking out ALL breast tissue and also my nipples. After my chemotherapy was complete, the same plastic... READ MORE

53 Year Old Women with Stage 3 Invaisave Lobular Breast Cancer - New York

In May 2011, I discovered that my left breast was odd. It looked like it was bruised, and when I would lift my arm , the whole breast would raise up.It was as if there was an implant in there but Not! right breast ok. I go to my FP who sends me for an emergency mammogram. I am sent for an... READ MORE

I'm 39 Years Old and I Had DDD'S and I Have It Reduced for a D Cup - Newport Beach, CA

I had my breast done in Brazil while visiting my family and I went to a terrible experience, I got a infection in one of them and I have to come back here because I was expecting my insurance coverage for it, but everything went sour when my insurance didn't want pay for it and... READ MORE

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