Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus Flap

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Latissimus flap breast reconstruction (also called a lat flap) is a muscle-transfer technique to rebuild the breast following a mastectomy. A surgeon moves a flap of skin along with the latissimus dorsi muscle and attached blood vessels from the upper back under the skin to the chest, usually inserting an implant under the flap to achieve the desired fullness. For women who don't have enough donor tissue for TRAM, DIEP, or SIEA flap procedures (or don't have access to surgeons who can perform this kind of microsurgery), latissimus flap reconstruction can look natural and offer a good result without significant complications. 
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I had a nipple sparing full mastectomy and went to Dr. Karen Vaniver for the reconstructive surgery. First, Karen is one of those rare doctors who treat you like an individual, looking at you holistically instead of a bean to count. She instantly puts you at ease with her great hugs and kind... READ MORE

On Wednesday April 27, 2016 at 7:30am, I will have my double mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. I know that this will be the most difficult part of my cancer journey, but it is an essential process I know I need to do. I am speaking in JESUS NAME that my surgery will be a... READ MORE

I am a breast cancer survivor. I underwent a double mastectomy in 2015 followed by 33 sessions of radiation. I am thankful to have been referred to Dr. Wali for my reconstruction. He and his staff have been amazing and extremely supportive through the entire process. Dr. Wali has always taken... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, both breasts, May 2014. After making the decision to have a bi-lateral mastectomy done, I was referred to Dr. Caroline Plamondon for reconstruction. From the initial visit, I felt a high level of comfort and care from Dr. Plamondon and her staff. The first... READ MORE

I didn't know much about plastic surgery. When I went in for my first consultation I told Dr Whitefield to make the best decision he thought was good for me. He choose the DepFlap. He explained to me the procedure that was gonna be done what I should expect and how to prepare myself for this... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June of 2015 and immediately found myself overwhelmed with the decisions to be made. Being referred to Dr. Ghazi was one of the highlights of this journey, making this tough decision, easy. I was dead set on the procedure I wanted but his thoroughness... READ MORE

Motivation was doing the right thing for me, my three daughters and my husband. Wanting to be around to see the girls marry and have babies and not have to deal with breast cancer. The entire medical team and hospital staff were wonderful. I was only on pain meds for 48 hours following surgery... READ MORE

I was high risk for breast cancer. I decided after seeing consulting my family doctor, several oncologists, and 2 surgeons that my best chance for not getting breast cancer was to have a double skin sparing masectomy with reconstruction. Expanders were placed right after the masectomy. I... READ MORE

Dr. Orr is amazing and becomes your friend instantly! He did an amazing job and has changed my life significantly! It was a decision that wasn't easy for me to make! After a couple consultations with Dr. Orr, I knew I trusted his experience and expertise! He is foen to earth and doesn't just... READ MORE

I truly felt saved after being in Dr. Gabriel's wonderful hands! After 5 surgeries (with 2 other surgeons), a very bad infection and major complications to follow, I very fortunately found Dr. Gabriel. I walked into his office in tears, feeling like a monster and so hopeless after all I had been... READ MORE

Because the cancer kept returning in the same area, finally the skin itself and remaining upper chest tissue had to go. I faced losing the implant and any prior reconstruction work and potentially having a really awful profile. I had many consults with different plastic surgeons as I decided... READ MORE

I've been researching breast reconstruction options for over a year now.. I initially chose implants and expanders were put in place immediately after my real breast were removed. The BRAVA procedure is still considered new yet effective.. Would anyone be interested in watching a video of my... READ MORE

Dr Pacella is truly a RARE find these days- exceptionally skilled as a surgeon with a compassionate, caring, treat-you-like-family bedside manner. Getting a diagnosis of breast cancer is pretty overwhelming. So many tough decisions to make and tons of information to process, its total... READ MORE

I had natural DD breasts and when I had to have a double mastectomy it was devastating. Luckily I chose to work with Dr. Rad who assured me that I could look and feel as good as ever after tissue expanders and implants. His skills as a surgeon are top notch and he has an artistic eye for details... READ MORE

I am so pleased with the outcome of my bi-lateral reconstruction. My total gratitude goes out to Dr. Yegiyants who has given me back confidence and femininity. I just completed the second part and looking forward to wearing a bikini even in winter. They look fabulous, feel great . I would... READ MORE

I went to this doctor following reconstruction with an infected nipple. She told me it was my fault for not caring for it properly. I did not feel any empathy or get any instructions from her on how to take better care. I left feeling shamed and scolded. I was in pain and very vulnerable and... READ MORE

Dr. Ellis where do I begin, he is a absolutely one of the best surgeon in the whole United States! I don't have enough space on here to write as much as I want to! I am so honored to have him as my doctor, he goes above and beyond, he never gives up and fights for his patients to have nothing... READ MORE

After a single-side mastectomy in May 2015, I was said to be cancer-free. I didn't have chemo or radiation, just the "total" or "simple" mastectomy (and 2-3 lymph nodes out). Eventually, as everything healed, I was left with one long scar from my sternum/center of ribs, well into the armpit. ... READ MORE

I would never recommend this surgery to anyone. I have a small frame, thin upper body so the scar tissue from this surgery has caused me much pain and agony. The scar tissue had adhered to my ribs. My reconstructed breast is partly under my arm. I am very limited on the motion of my arms due to... READ MORE

My doctor recommend I see Dr. Tutela after several operations that ended with infections. After sitting with me and explaining the procedure that was needed to be done, (eight hour surgery) I felt so confident with Dr. Tutela I scheduled surgery immediately. Today I am so happy to have found Dr... READ MORE

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