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Open Wound Under Right Breast After Breast Lift ? Please Help 17 Days After

I had my surgery breast lift done 17 days ago yesterday i saw 1/2 inch open wound under my right breast when the drain used to be .i am very worry .my... READ MORE

Can my Breast Be Fixed with Scar Revision? (photo)

I had a breast lift with implant ( round 340 cc) at 3 weeks post op i started spitting stittches on my right breast only,which resulted in wound... READ MORE

Wound Separation - Advice at This Point?

I had a breast lift in March. At my 2 week appt the medical asst pulled off all the surgical glue. It was still firmly attached in many areas, but she... READ MORE

Open Wound Three Weeks After Breast Lift with Implants? (photo)

Three weeks ago, I had my implants removed and new ones put in because of a deflation. At the same time, he took off some more skin, as I have skin... READ MORE

Wound Keeps Reopening 5 Months After Mastopexy

I wonder if you could help me. After a mastopexy end of March this year my right breast developed an open wound around the nipple. It took 2 months to... READ MORE

I have just had extensive liposuction and a breast lift . My breast lift incision wound is not healing. Should I be worried?

2 weeks after my surgery the incision (anchor lift) wound started to open up in two places. My surgeon keeps insisting on increasing my protein intake... READ MORE

Anyone Ever Heard of Medi Honey for Wound and Burns?

What your opinion on medi honey ointment for wounds and burns. I have a superficial wound underneath my right breast. READ MORE

2 days post-op, today during the evening my temperature went up to 99,1 but then back to 98,3. Is this normal?

Is it normal for me to feel like the wound is hurting a little bit? My doctor asked me not to touch my breasts until I had completed 4 days of surgery... READ MORE

10 days post Breast Lift (Wise Pattern) with separation at the "T".

Bilateral separation. Right greater than Left. Post op day 10. Wondered if anyone had any experience with Terrasil wound care cream for managing that... READ MORE

Sores under breast. Do these look like normal spitting stitches or something more serious? (photos)

What does this mean for my breasts? I'm so upset my healing process was going great until about a week ago. I started to develop these painful... READ MORE

Breast lift wound separation 9 weeks post op (Photo)

Started opening 3 weeks post op silver bandages and wet dressings. Salt water. Been tested for all disease came back clear. So tired of seeing this... READ MORE

Could Taking a Culture Help Identify What Antibiotic Would Be Best to Treat the Wound? (photo)

And Shouldn't the Dead Skin Had Been Removed? I understand the concent I signed however a culture could have been taken, blood labs could have told us... READ MORE

Smoking after wound separation (breast lift)? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 6 weeks post op and had a wound separation that me and my PS first notice when we removed the steri-strips after two weeks. I'm treating it... READ MORE

T-incision wound breakage. Using bactroban three times a day, won't heal. Any advice? (Photo)

Hello! I hoy a breast lift a month ago. Experienced a hematoma on right breast, bleeding through t incision. Wound opened up about a week ago. Doctor... READ MORE

Will this wound from my spitting stitches close up and heal normally? How long will it take? (Photo)

This happened over a progression of 2 weeks. I got a breast lift 6 weeks ago and this started occurring after 4 weeks. Is this normal? Do you have any... READ MORE

Am I being treated correctly, 4 weeks post mastopexy or if I should be talking to a wound specialist? (photo)

Mastopexy 4 weeks ago,with a reduction of 300gm on right breast. R breast developed a cellulitis in week 1, treated with clindamyacin. Developed a... READ MORE

Breast lift incision separation; is it infected? (photos)

I had a complex breast lift with reaugmentation a little over 2 weeks ago. On my 2 week follow up it was discovered that the incision separated on the... READ MORE

How to heal huge wounds on my incisions ? (photos)

Hello I had a breast lift and reduction April 18th. And everything was almost healed up and then all of a sudden my stiches under neath my breasts... READ MORE

Breast lift wound for 3 weeks. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had a reduction and lift with implants on 01/22 on 02/05 I had my stitch removed and I had a separation ,this was 3 weeks ago and I didn't notice... READ MORE

Best course of action for wound in T-incision area? (photos)

Approximately 10 days post-op from a breast lift (stitches had been removed 3 day prior, glue/tape strips were added for wound closure) I noticed a... READ MORE

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