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Is Breast Lift Recommended for Sagging Dd Cup Breasts?

I'm 20 and have 36DD breasts that hang much lower than I'd like. I'm considering a Breast Lift, but when I look at my breasts in the mirror and... READ MORE

Breast Lift Alternative for Large Breasts?

I am 5'6" approximately 168 pounds, my breasts are large (about 36 DD), they are fairly full, but due to the heaviness, I have ptosis. I am not... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get my Breasts Standing Up Again?

I'm currently a size DD - after having two kids my girls do not stand proud anymore. I contemplated getting a lift done but after researching, I... READ MORE

Which is the Best Breast Lift Option for Me?

After having a child my breasts are no longer a perky 32D and my areolas are huge. I'm interested in getting them lifted without implants. I'd... READ MORE

Fixing Uneven Areolas and Breast Without Lift?

I have 4 children and am done with breastfeeding and having babies. I currently have implants (saline) over 500cc (DD or DDD). I have one areola that... READ MORE

Breast Lift Technique with Scar Under Crease and Around Areola?

I am interested inhaving a breast lift with breast augmentation. I am a 36DD with severe drooping now. I want to be a 36DDD after surgery. Doctors... READ MORE

I Have Rashes Under my Breasts Due to Sagging. Can I Get Insurance for a Lift? (photo)

I am 22 (young), no children, breastfeeding, and I'm not obese. Yet my breasts are fairly large(34DD), sag low on my chest, and nipples go downwards.... READ MORE

Currently 28/30 DD Cup, Which Style of Breast Lift Would Be Most Appropriate for Me? (Photos)

I'm 28 years old and wear a 28/30 DD size bra. All the women in my family have large breasts lacking in perkiness. Which style of lift would bring... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Saggy Breast at 16?

Hi I wear a 38 dd and my breasts are as saggy as a woman who has breast fed. My nipples point to the ground and the are not full at all, they seem... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and my chest is a 34DD. Breast Lift or Reduction? (photo)

I'm 19 years old and my chest is a 34DD. My boobs have always been saggy and have stretch marks from the rapid growth. I have lost 35lbs & now my back... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Choose Anchor Lift over Lollipop?

Just had a consult for a straight lift--no implant or reduction-- and dr said I am stage 3 ptosis (36 DD), lots of volume still, and wanted to do an... READ MORE

I Have 36DD's That Sag but Look Great in a Bra. How Do I Keep the Perkiness and No Sag Without a Bra? (photo)

I'd prefer to remain a DD. Do I need a lift alone or a lift and augmentation? My areolas are a bit larger than preferred as well. 23 years old No... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Still Huge Post Surgery.

I'm 26, 5'4'' and 112 pounds and I was a 32DD, and wanted a reduction. I had surgery 6 days ago; my doctor called it a 'lift,'... READ MORE

Anyone Heard of Passot or LaLonde Breast Lift Technique?

I had a consultation in which the surgeon said I was a candidate for this breast lift technique with breast augmentation. There will only be scar... READ MORE

Am I Candidate for Breast Lift Only? Im a 34D/DD. (photo)

I had a child in 2012. I went from 100 lbs to 147 lbs at the peak of pregnancy, then went back down to 110. Anyways, I used to be a low B cup and now... READ MORE

I'm 22 and Considering a Mastopexy After Severe Weight Changes Throughout my Life, Can I Do It w/o Implants? (photo)

I'm 5'2 and am currently at a 38DD. I'm about 150lbs currently but at my heaviest was around 220lbs. I realize I'm still very young... READ MORE

Another Breast Lift Needed when Replacing Saline Implants?

I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs. I had a breast lift with teardrop shaped Saline breast implants two years ago. I was told by my plastic surgeon that the... READ MORE

Will I Bottom Out if I Don't Have a Breast Reduction?

DD cup bordering DDD. I am considering a breast lift and went to my first consultation today. The surgeon recommended I have a reduction, but... READ MORE

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

I'm a 5'4, 140lbs 30 year old AA female w/no kids. Due to loosing weight my breast has lost elasticity & are large plus heavy (34DD),... READ MORE

I've been very bothered by the sagging of my breast for some time. What is my Best Option? (photo)

I just turned forty in June. I've been very bothered by the sagging of my breast for some time. I'm already large at 34DD so I don't really need any... READ MORE

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