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How Does a Breast Lift Impact Nipple Sensation?

Does it make a difference between Bennelli and crescent incisions on the possible loss of feeling? READ MORE

Crescent Lift Scars

I'm currently in the entertainment industry, I will be getting silicone gel implants and maybe a crescent lift. How long will it take for the scar... READ MORE

Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift? (photo)

I would like some advice as to which breast lift would be best for me. I am 34C but have had breast implants to 34DD for 2yrs which I didn't like... READ MORE

Normal Mastopexy Curve / Scar 4 Months Post-op?

I recently had the kind doctors allay my fears re irregular nipple shape. Thanks. But now I am wondering about the curve of my lower breasts in... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for the Benelli Lift or Cresent Lift?

Im only 19 years old. So obviously scars for a breast lift would just be as devastating as my sagging breast. Also My breasts are large but i also... READ MORE

Will a Crescent Lift Do Enough for Me? (photo)

I am 20 years old. I was put on medicine which caused me to gain about thirty lbs. My mom told me I should stop taking it and when I did I lost 12 lbs... READ MORE

More skin with Benelli or Crescent lift?

I am wanting to get a breast lift but do not want the vertical scarring from it. I was looking into benelli or crescent lift but I'm not sure it... READ MORE

Advice for Breaslift Plus Augmentation- Which Technique Is Right For Me? (photo)

I'm a 36C. My plan is to have a breast augmentatin with silicone implants to increase my bust size to a 36D. I want a breast lift but don't... READ MORE

Cresent Lift Scar and Crease Directly Below Scar

I just had a crescent lift a week and a half ago when I took the surgical tape off I noticed two distinct lines. One is the scar and the other seems... READ MORE

Should I Get a Crescent Lift?

I have had breast implants for three months. The left breast looks fine but the right one has not dropped. Before my surgery my breasts were... READ MORE

I Have Extremely Thin Skin I Need a Fixer Upper =( Got a Bad Job Done So Needs to Be Fixed I Want High Profile Silicone)

Hi i had a breast lift 5 yrs ago the doc.did a horrible job left me with a huge scar unessesary lift he did cresent looked good i told him my implant... READ MORE

Crescent Breast Lift? (photo)

I think I need a breast lift with implants. I was told (not by a doctor) that I will need a lift, although I really don't want a scare as the... READ MORE

Does Having a Crescent Lift Make the Areola Bigger? Will It Go Back to Normal? if Its Lifted 1 1/2cm Will It B 1 1/2 Bigger?

I had breast implants&a crescent lift on one side to bring my nipple up 1 1/2cm to in line with my other nipple. i so unhappy with the results, it... READ MORE

Crescent Lift or Benelli Lift for Asymmetrical Sagging?

I've been to three different surgeons and each surgeon has told me something different. When I started looking, I thought my left breast was... READ MORE

should i have permanent sutures used for my crescent lift to help prevent stretching/distortion? (photo)

I am "borderline" in needing a lift. my surgeon and i discussed a benneli and crescent. in the end, we decided on crescent lift, just to bring my... READ MORE

What can be done to reverse the stretched appearance of a botched crescent lift? What can be done with this Frankenstein-areola?

I had a crescent lift on one side at the time of my implant placement 5 years ago. The lift was a huge mistake that I came to regret soon after my... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned That If I Get Cresent Lift/Implants that the Scars Will Be Visible?

I'm so torn between a Full TT & reverse with mini TT. I really like the idea of keeping my natural belly button & having hidden scars... READ MORE

Crescent Lift vs. Benelli Lift?

I recently went to two consultations for a breast augmentation/lift. Both doctors told me basically the same thing, but the second surgeon suggested I... READ MORE

Crescent Mastopexy vs Full Mastopexy? (photo)

Am I a candidate for a Crescent Mastopexy vs. a full lift with an augmentation? I want to pursue the augmentation and would prefer something less... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a benelli or crescent lift? (Photo)

I'm comfortable with my breast volume and the shape isn't what bothers me.(Although I do wonder why my breasts seem to veer out to the sides of my... READ MORE

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