Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift? (photo)

I would like some advice as to which breast lift would be best for me. I am 34C but have had breast implants to 34DD for 2yrs which I didn't like and have removed so more implants are not an option. I am thinking of a crescent lift or a vertical lift. My breasts still feel full but there skin seems loose so I thought a crescent lift may be enough but now I'm worrying that I should have the breast tissue shaped. I am not worried about losing breast size. Please help me with your opinions. Thanks.

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Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift?

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Crescent lifts, in my opinion, are not very effective at lifting and reshaping the breast. They are effective in giving you a scar and often times widening your areola into a larger oval shape. The periareolar lift (Benelli) will elevate the areola while controlling the shape and size of the areola (due to the permanent purse string suture that controls this), but it is a rather weak lift that does not reshape the breast very well and only gives you a mild elevation. It is more frequently used with implants which can provide the breast shaping needed.  Adding a vertical scar component gives you a much stronger lift with better breast elevation and better shaping and better control over the areolar size and the "price" of a vertical scar.  However, although patients are always understandably concerns about scars, and particularly the vertical scar of a breast lift, ultimately a pleasing shape with a vertical scar (which usually does very well over time) is better than a poor shape without it.

Ultimate Breast Lift reshapes and lifts breasts without the need of implants or a vertical scar

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Hi Lola,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, you found out the hard way that implants do not lift breasts. Breast tissue must be repositioned and re-shaped to achieve acceptable results. The Ultimate Breast Lift was developed for women like yourself that have adequate volume but desire a younger/perkier breast. It was developed using engineering principles combined with reconstructive techniques to permanently reshape and lift tired/saggy breasts. A much added benefit is that it does not require a vertical scar. Scars are hidden under the natural crease of the breast mound and around the areola. Breasts appear natural with less scarring. Women appreciate the long term results that are accomplished by fashioning an internal cone and straps from your excess skin. The straps are attached to your chest muscles instead of relying on the skin envelope to hold the newly formed breast. And as all women know... skin is simply not enough! I encourage you to do your research. This forum is a great start! Best wishes,

Dr. H


Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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A Crescent Breast Lift will not improve your breast sagging

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Crescent breast lifts are the most minor of breast lifts.Crescent lifts do not actually improve breast sagging or nipple-areolar ptosis at all. They are really only useful in order to help even out slight nipple asymmetries. From  your photos, it appears that you will need to have a vertical mastopexy....if not more.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Short scar breast lift is the right operation

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Based on the photos, I would recommend a short scar breast lift, otherwise known as a lollipop scar lift.  Implants are not necessary with the amount of breast tissue, but understand that lifts do often make breasts appear smaller even though no breast gland is removed


I do not do skin only (inverted T-scar) breast lifts, but rather breast shaping (cutting into and repositioning the breast tissue) type lifts.  They actually move the breast back up onto the muscle, provide a better shape, heal with fewer wound complications, and hold up better. 


A crescent lift moves the nipple only, and not very much.  The same with the "Benelli lift".  My opinion is that you have too much drooping for those procedures and it will not improve the shape.

Craig N. Creasman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Vertical mastopexy

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A vertical lift with an incision all the way around your areola (lollipop) would be the most effective lift for you.  A crescentic lift will only stretch and widen the areola.

Michael Orseck, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Best Breast Lift for Me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

If you are looking to have an effective breast lift performed,  then it is very likely that you will benefit from vertical mastopexy surgery. Other types of breast lifting (crescent or Benelli)  will likely not be effective and are associated with significant risk,  such as spreading/distortion of the areola.

I would suggest in person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift?

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Based upon your posted photos it is very likely you may need a vertical lift but in person examination is the best way to proceed. 

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