6 Weeks Post-op + Breast Lift

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How Long After my Breast Lift Can I Shower?

The literature my doc gave me says i cant get my breasts wet for 6 weeks. I can't imagine not showering for that length of time. Are there options? READ MORE

Silicone Sheets Causing Increased Redness of Scar? (photo)

I had a breast lift on 11/27. No opening of incisions, only the spitting of a few stitches. Using bio dermis silicone sheeting for my scars. The first... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of Breast Lift, are dissolvable stitches supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving?

Are dissolvable stitches used In a breast lift 6 weeks post op supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving? I have also had many... READ MORE

Best Sports Bra/bra for Daytime After Lift/augmentation? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation six weeks ago. I am comfortable in an underwire during the day but have heard that they cause the breast to... READ MORE

6 week post op Breast Lift, the scab came off and now I have an open wound. Should I close the wound or wait it to heal? (photo)

My breast developed a blister after surgery. Then a blister scab. The scab came off 3 weeks later. Now I have this large open wound. I am frustrated.... READ MORE

6 weeks post BR is it safe to sleep without bra?

I am 42 had two kids and nursed them both. 6 weeks ago I had a BR/lift with small implants since than I wore a surgical bra 24/7. Is it already safe... READ MORE

I Had Breast Lift 6 Weeks Ago (No Implants) and the Right Breast is Bigger. Will They Change? (photo)

Well I had the lift and at first they look very alike but now my right breast is bigger and the areola smaller and the left is smaller with bigger... READ MORE

Silicone gel sheets vs Bio oil for breast uplift scars?

Hello! I have had a anchor scar breast uplift and not sure which is best - silicone sheet/tape or bio oil. I am healing normally so far with bio oil,... READ MORE

Should I Still Have a Little Black Stitch Sticking out at the Bottom of the Breast?

I am six weeks post op breast lift with anchor type incision. the black stitch is at the "T" under the breast. Should i pull it out or contacts my doctor? READ MORE

6 wks post breast lift and purple mass under incision just appeared. I am worried. What is it and can it be fixed? (Photo)

1. Is it possible for necrosis to start at 6 weeks 4 days? 2. What could this be and can it be fixed? READ MORE

When Can I Start Doing Power Yoga After Breast Lift (No Implants)?

It has been six weeks since my lollipop breast lift procedure. Is it safe to return to high intensity yoga activites such as downward dog or extreme... READ MORE

When Can I Play Tennis After a Breast Lift Surgery?

Hello, I had my breast left done 6 weeks a go and recovery is been great. I usually play strong, comparative tennis 2 to 3 times a week and I am dying... READ MORE

Uneven nipples...I got my mastopexy done a little over 6 weeks ago. (photo)

 My left breast is fine and feels very natural, my right one, however, im beginning to worry. Because of drainage issues the skin started to peel... READ MORE

How Soon After Mastoplexy Can I Get an Augmentation? (photo)

I had a breast lift on July 22. I had cellulitis 20 days post-op, skin sagging bilaterally on the sides of the breast and my incision scars are well,... READ MORE

Why are my breast nipples moving downwards after 6 weeks post op?

Hi doctor I had my breast done 6 weeks now with lollipop lift and 500cc gel implants am not happy with the result at all but my surgeon keep telling... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend to correct/revise my breast lift surgery for my nipples which are an inch too high? (Photo)

I had breast lift without augmentation almost 6 weeks ago (as part of a 'mommy makeover'). While I realize there is still swelling, it's obvious that... READ MORE

Can I Replace my 300 Cc Saline Implants for Bigger Ones After a Vertical Breast Lift?

I got a vertical breast lift with 300 cc implants Almost 6 weeks ago. I am not happy with the size .I wish they were bigger. I basically look like I... READ MORE

Would a breast implant achieve a fuller more lifted look? Or only cause the result of my lift to droop sooner? (Photo)

I had a breast lift w/o implants, I'm now 6 weeks post op. Based on the fact that I was a 32DDD before surgery it was very difficult to determine what... READ MORE

Advice please. I have a small thread sticking out of incision...

I'm 6 weeks post op from a breast lift and have a "pinching" sensation in the scar in the breast fold. Today I noticed there is a clear thread similar... READ MORE

Hematoma/Seroma After Breast Lift?

I had breast lift surgery on June 11, 2012... the left side was a pain in the A$$ for the doc,, which resulted in x-tra bruising and fluid build up..... READ MORE

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