Should You Wait Until After Pregnancy for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rahal discusses how to decide whether you should wait until pregnancy and breast feeding for breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Placement of Breast Implant Using Keller Funnel (GRAPHIC)

Bacteria on an implant shell may lead to capsular contracture and breast-implant associated ALCL. Using this no-touch technique for silicone implant placement allows a smaller incision. VIEW NOW

Fat Grafting to Breast Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Fat is liposuctioned, filtered, and injected into a mastectomy pocket. Fat grafting is used to fill lumpectomy defects, conceal implant edges after a breast augmentation or reconstruction, or soften radiated pockets. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift Without Scars Using BodyTite

Unlike a traditional breast lift, using BodyTite to lift the breasts is minimally invasive and leaves almost no scar. BodyTite causes the skin to shrink so dramatically that it can cause the breasts to lift. Full results from BodyTite take 3 months. VIEW NOW

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Potential Complications With Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Rahal explains to a patient what malrotation is, why it can only happen with gummy bear implants, and the steps one should take if it happens. VIEW NOW

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Why a Breast Lift With Implants Limits Implant Size

Dr. Rahal goes into detail on how and why a breast lift procedure limits the maximum implant size that a patient can get during that same surgery. VIEW NOW

Differences Between Placing Breast Implants Over the and Under the Muscle

Dr. Rahal talks to a patient about some of the differences between going under the muscle and going over the muscle when it comes to implant placement. VIEW NOW

Evaluating And Correcting Breast Asymmetries

Dr. Rahal utilizes 3D imaging to evaluate the degree of asymmetry in a patient's breasts, and explains how that affects surgery and when the asymmetries can be corrected. VIEW NOW

How To Know If You Need A Breast Lift

Dr. Rahal explains how surgeons measure the degree of sagging of a patient's breasts in order to determine whether a lift is necessary or not. Then, using 3D imaging, he shows a patient the difference between three types of breast lifts. VIEW NOW

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Breast Lift Procedure and Scar Options

In this video, Dr. Rahal uses 3D imaging software to show a patient where the incisions are made for the lollipop breast lift and the donut breast lift, and thus, where the scars would end up for each different type of lift. VIEW NOW

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How To Avoid Looking 'Fake" After Breast Implants

Dr. Rahal explains to a patient what causes the unnatural or ''fake'' look some women are concerned about regarding breast surgery, and the precautions he takes to make sure it doesn't happen. VIEW NOW

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The Difference Between Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

During a consultation, Dr. Rahal explains the differences between a saline solution implant and a silicone gel implant when it comes to look, feel, and possible complications. VIEW NOW

Breast Surgery Scar Placement Options

During a consultation, Dr. Rahal outlines the differences in scarring between going through the nipple and going through the breast crease, and what that might mean for a patient. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During Breast Surgery Recovery

Here, Dr. Rahal tells a patient what to expect during her recovery from surgery, and how to properly plan for it and take care of herself. VIEW NOW

Comparing the Results You'll Get From Round and Teardrop Breast Implants

During a consultation and with the aid of 3D rendering software, Dr. Rahal shows the difference between round implants and teardrop or ''gummy bear'' implants when it comes to upper-pole fulness. VIEW NOW