Massage + Breast Lift with Implants

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Capsular contracture concern 10 days after lift and augmentation? How long will it take them to drop? (Photo)

10 days ago I had a lift and breast augmentation with silicone implants. The day after surgery I had a checkup and when my bandages were removed they... READ MORE

How long after anchor lift with saline implants will I drop? (Photo)

Just hit 3 week mark and had stitches removed. I'm finally allowed to massage but I'm worried after reading all these reviews about capsular... READ MORE

Gel implants with lollipop lift. Should I be massaging them and what about scar strips or pralisec? (photo)

I have gel implants that I got on 2/20/2014. They are smooth high profile implants. I am happy with the implants. They did do a nipple lift on... READ MORE

17 post op lift and augmentation. Implants still high....normal? (Photo)

My implants seem very high still and I am still in the band and doing daily massages. I'm 17 days post op. Do the attached picture appear like a... READ MORE

Will massaging my breast implants make my breast sag?

I had a breast lift with implants 11 days ago. Was a 34D, had 350cc silicone HP under. I've read many reviews of women who after having this procedure... READ MORE

Puffed Nipples and lower wrinkles? Possible future revision? (photos)

I'm 2 wks postop & got my STrips removed today. Love my results but have questions and my DR wasn't available during my follow up. I have some... READ MORE

Home care advice after bilateral breast lift and implant? (Photo)

My surgeon didn't recommend any type of compression garment or self massage. No home care at all not even icing. Should i be wearing some sort of... READ MORE

What has gone wrong? (Photo)

I am a little concerned about my recent lift + under the muscle 400cc implants. ( late November ) My left one has healed up and felt perfect... READ MORE

Will massaging before breast augmentation make more space for an implant?

I have small tuberous breasts A/B and am getting a benelli lift. My doctor said my breasts were small and he isn't sure I'll be able to go up a full... READ MORE

6 weeks post op from breast lift and augmentation leaking from hole under breast (Photo)

I was doing my massage this morning and noticed a yellow bloody discharge from a hole under my breast. I'm 6 weeks post op and have no pain. Is this... READ MORE

I'm 6 months Post-Op I have had a breast lift with augmentation. I have frankenboobs ans it's getting worst (photos)

I'm 6 months Post-Op I have had a breast lift with augmentation. I have frankenboobs I have tried massaging them, leaning against the wall pushing... READ MORE

Boobs making squeaky noise. 8 weeks post op. Do I need to be worried?

Under muscle breast lift with silicon implant. I noticed my boobs have started making squeaky noise when I massage them. Yesterday I was walking and... READ MORE

Breast lift and implant. Are they healing okay? (Photo)

I had breast lift and breast implant preformed on April 1, 2015. I am feeling recent discomfort and pain on my left breast implant. I have continued... READ MORE

I had breast lift and textured implants under breast muscle. 4 weeks ago. Should I massage them?

My surgeon said i did not need to massage them. This goes against everything i have read my size is 14d READ MORE

Is there any way to push my breast implants from under my arms to in front where they should be? (Photo)

On the 12th may I had my 375cc 14yr old silicon breast implants removed. I had a breast lift and the surgeon put new 400cc silicon implants in. I... READ MORE

How long will I have to massage my breasts?

A week ago I had a lift with implants. 415cc high profile. Yesterday I went for my post op appt and was told to start massaging them. How long will I... READ MORE

Help! Should I let my massage therapist inject my seroma tomorrow?

I have a massage therapist I go to.....Shes been working with plastic surgery patients for years in her home country of Colombia and now here. I trust... READ MORE

3 weeks post op from full breast lift with sub muscular modest silicone implants. I've developed two small open holes! (photos)

I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm healing well and taking care of myself. I've diligently followed my surgeons advice for post op care. I began massage of... READ MORE

If one implant seems to be dropping faster than the other, should I massage the higher implant more?

2 weeks ago, I had a breast lift with moderate profile saline implants placed under the muscle. The right breast implant seems to be dropping faster... READ MORE

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