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Possible rupture or muscle strain with silicone implants?

I have had silicone implants (under the muscle) since March 2007. 2 days ago I was play wrestling with a friend and felt and heard a pop in my right... READ MORE

Sudden Increase in Breast Size After Being Strained?

I have had implants for 7 years. A week ago my dog yanked her chain while I was walking her. I was sore after. I continued to work out. Yesterday I... READ MORE

Can a strained or pulled muscle mimic capsular contracture?

I've had my implants for 3 1/2 months under muscle. I just started going back to the gym and after the last time, I'm pretty sure I over did it. I... READ MORE

What Happens if I Accidentially Lifted my 35lb Daughter 13 Days After Breast Aug Surgery?

I had breast aug surgery 13 days ago. I have been careful to not lift too much or strain myself. Today, I don't know what I was thinking but I lifted... READ MORE

Will my implants be ok after straining from severe constipation?

I had a breast aug. 5 days ago. I was expecting constipation, but not to become impacted. After finally having a BM and it being the equivalent of... READ MORE

Strained myself and now my implant moved up. (photo)

Didn't take stool softener for 5 days. When I finally did and was able to go, I strained in pain. So the strain to push was so severe that my implants... READ MORE

Is it possible that the implant is putting a strain on my heart or tugging on the muscle?

I have had saline breast implants under the muscle for 17 years. June of 2016 I started getting pain and burning above my left breast. despite a... READ MORE

With silicon gel implants that are 6 yrs old, how do I know if the cause of my left breast swelling is due to a strained muscle?

What happens when you have silicon gel implants under the muscle (a few years old) and strain a muscle? Does it causes the implant to shift, breast to... READ MORE

My implant pushed up after a muscle strain and is now bruising. It's been two weeks and it's not dropped. Is this normal?

I had implants 8 weeks ago. Two weeks ago, after doing some over the head cleaning of a ceiling, my right implant shoved up to my shoulder. It was... READ MORE

Strained muscle 4 days after breast augmentation

I am 4 days post op. I had 400cc saline implants. Today I was on my knees in the floor. I put my right hand on the coffee and pushed to help myself... READ MORE

Breast feeling strained 1 year after breast augmentation?

I got 340cc, now I'm a C cup but my breast feel strain whenever I dont wear a bra. Why READ MORE

I pulled or strained my pec muscle? I did it Xmas day? Should I get my implants out?

I have pain on my right side of right side of chest to under arm and down arm... I gave numbness and tingling in my fingers.. I had a MRI 6 weeks... READ MORE

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