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Yellow Liquid Came out of my Incision? Stitch Abscess? Breakouts on my Breast? (photo)

5 weeks post-op, crease, silicone, under Started to use Bio oil & silicone scar sheet 2 & half weeks after my BA. Yesterday i woke up with few... READ MORE

My Under Crease Incision is Puckering Will It Heal Flat? Can I Use Silicon Scar Strip on It While Its Puckered? (photo)

I just took my tape off my incisions and I noticed they are puckering? And look weird to me :( is this something that will heal on its own or am I... READ MORE

What is the best silicone gel sheeting brand (Scar Away, Mepiform, Metipac Soft Silicone Tape) to use for recent breast scars?

Once I hit week 3 post op, I've been given the OK to start scar treatment for my 6-9 cm long scars.I've heard silicone sheeting is superior to... READ MORE

4 Weeks PO, Should I peel off tape on incision or let it come off on its own?

The tape that covers the stitches is starting to peel off should I go ahead a take it off or let it keep peeling on its own it has been 4 weeks READ MORE

I'm happy with the current position of my implants 10 days post capsulotomy. How can I ensure they don't drop any lower? (Photo)

I had a capsulotomy done on both sides to lower the implants and treat a right side CC. My Surgeon mentioned a possible occurrence of a double bubble... READ MORE

Can scar sheets or gel be worn under nipple covers?

I am still having to wear silicone self adhesive nipple covers as i cannot wear a bra yet. My incisions have healed and my wounds are completely... READ MORE

I Am Concerned By The Look Of My Breast Augmentation Incision, What Should I Do?

I am two weeks post breast augmentation surgery, and had buried stitches. I changed my steri-strips on day 12 and the scar was great, small and... READ MORE

Scarless after breast augmentation

I did breast augmentation "310 silicone gel" and still the scares are visible although is small line under my breast line ... My doctor recommended me... READ MORE

Crease incision care and scar treatment. Are silicone strips/sheets recommended?

I have had surgical tape on my inch long incision for 2 weeks and will be removing it tomorrow. My surgeon suggests scar treatment gel which I have... READ MORE

Silicone to help with scarring?

So after surgury the told me anything with silicone will help with scarring.then I was told there product was 600 for 4 weeks worth.well after paying... READ MORE

Stitch popping out? (Photo)

I saw my PS today and he removed the silicone sheet i got around 4 weeks ago. There is this red spot on my left insicion. He said it might be a stitch... READ MORE

What is the best way to prevent scarring in an areolar incision on Asian skin after breast implants? (Brand, usage, etc)

Are all silicone sheets the same in efficacy? When should one start using silicone sheets and how often should one change them up? Would massage help... READ MORE

11days post-op, lots of pain around incisions. Doctor recommended using micropore tape replaced every 5-7 days, can I switch?

I'm curious what benefits there are to this tape and what is causing the sharp, needle like pain. It stopped when I removed the tape, started again... READ MORE

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