Stitch popping out? (Photo)

I saw my PS today and he removed the silicone sheet i got around 4 weeks ago. There is this red spot on my left insicion. He said it might be a stitch popping out and put me on Bactroban treatment. Does this look like its infected? It actually doesnt hurt, he said the cream was to prevent infection but i would like to hear what do you think and recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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Stich popping out

Thank you for your question. I agree with your physician. It look like a spitting suture. He probably put you on antibiotic cream for prophylaxis. Please follow instructions from your PS.

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Spitting Suture

All of your symptoms align with evidence of a spitting suture or stitch "popping out", which is a very common issue following a breast augmentation surgery.  Some people are more sensitive to the absorbing sutures and can push them out of the body resulting in the reaction that you have been experiencing.  Sounds like your doctor put you on Bactroban cream as a precaution not because of any active infection.  From your picture you do not appear to have any signs of infection.  If your symptoms get worse, if you develop a fever, or have any other concerns, follow up with your plastic surgeon for their recommendations.  Good luck in your recovery.

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