Yellow Liquid Came out of my Incision? Stitch Abscess? Breakouts on my Breast? (photo)

5 weeks post-op, crease, silicone, under Started to use Bio oil & silicone scar sheet 2 & half weeks after my BA. Yesterday i woke up with few red bumps on my left boob. It looks like a zit. I don't know if it is normal to break out after BA or its the Bio oil and i've never had acne on my body before. last night i took my silicone sheet out before shower, i had a drop of watery blood came out of one small hole of my incision. Today i had yellow-ish liquid came out. Is it stitch abscess? help

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Rash after using scar products

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With the sequence of events, this is most likely an allergic response to one or both products you are using. I would suggest stopping both products, and not to try others. Almost all scars heal nicely without intervention.

This should improve within a couple of days. Speak with your surgeon.

Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Yellow liquid coming out of rest augmentation incision should be checked by your plastic surgeon.

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Thank you for your question. You may simply have a rash due to the use of oil and silicone sheeting on your incision. However any drainage of liquid needs to be checked thoroughly by your plastic surgeon. Drainage of liquid is a first sign of extrusion of an implant however I doubt that is occurring and you.

Post op issues

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Sorry you are having trouble.  I do not think you are having any major issue, but you may be getting some acne from the silicone sheet and oil.  I would stop both until you can get your surgeon to take a look. 

Yellow Discharge Coming Out From Incision

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Often times there is a fluid collection in the pocket where the breast implant is and if you have a small opening that is not totally healed this yellow material called serum will drain on itself. There is also the fact that if there is an infection often times the infection will work its way out through the old incision but usually the yellow fluid is milky colored as you expext with an infection and you would have swelling of the breast with some redness of the breast.

John S. Poser, MD
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
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