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Do All Breast Implants Look Fake when Lying Down?

I'm looking into BA and I've decided that I want silicone due to a more natural feel when under the muscle (I'm an A cup, so it's going under the... READ MORE

Do Bottoming out Breast Implants Hurt?

Last 2YRS when I lay down R implant is sliding down into armpit. I'm experiencing unbearable pain if the implant is shifted/moved. The pain is sharp,... READ MORE

Breast implants fall into armpits when laying down. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I got my saline implant surgery 6 years ago and was told that because of my chest I would not have cleavage. This was understood, but, I did not think... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent a Woman's Natural Breast Tissue from Falling to the Sides, Away from the Implant, when She Lays Down? (photo)

In both of my prior BA's (unders-saline/silicone), my breast tissue fell to the sides when I lay on my back. I am about to get much smaller form... READ MORE

Breast Implants Not Filling in Front of Chest Wall, Implants Fall on Sides (Lying Down) more then Staying in Front? (photo)

Breast implants done almost a yr ago was aa cup got 335 cc ment to make me a full d.. my ps will fix my scars as they r low..but told me that she cant... READ MORE

Breast Implants Flattened and Spread After Lying on Stomach for Surgery? (photo)

7 weeks after lower pole lift and 300cc submuscular silicone implants I had butt lift and was lying on stomach for surgery (~5 hours). Right after... READ MORE

My implants are wide when laying down. Can this be fix? (photos)

Implants are wide when laying down, they are flat towards the middle of my chest.cabt this problem be fixes and why is this happening? I'm 4 months... READ MORE

Did I Tear a Muscle or Closed Internal Stitching?

Hi, 5'5 118 lbs. Went from a small 34B to aprox 385-400 CC, under the muscle, saline, crease incision, 2 wks post op. Last night while watching... READ MORE

To any doctors using gummy bear implants, will they continue to soften?

I have the Mentor MemoryShape implants and love the way they look and feel, but 13 weeks post-op it is still uncomfortable to lay on my stomach. Do... READ MORE

Sharp pains when laying down and getting up after breast aug, is this normal?

I have breast aug three days ago- I am in alot of pain if I move at all. The worst is sleeping in bed on my back and then trying to get up. Sharp... READ MORE

My Left Implant is Sagging when I'm Lying Down 2 Years After Surgery, Why?

I have has breast implants for 2 years, I have recently noticed that when I lye down my left breast is sagging and my right is still up right. When I... READ MORE

Why is my breast indented when I lay down? (Photo)

I'm three years post op after a b.a I went from a c to an e cup over the muscle, I've had no problems up until I went on holiday and my breast became... READ MORE

Hard implants when lying flat? (Photo)

I'm only 3 months PO, but I notice my implants are really (pretty) hard/firm when lying on my back. They are quite soft, if not softest, when lying on... READ MORE

I'm in my 2nd day of Post Op of B.A. Is it normal for the sides of my boobs to be swollen? Also is it okay to sleep laying flat?

Hello! Is it normal for the sides of my boobs to be swollen? It doesn't help also that I can't move my arms very well. It feels like I just finished... READ MORE

How do I find out if my implants are underfilled? (photo)

Super soft, the valve pops around when I lay on my side and looked deformed? I have saline implants 400ccs filled to max of 430cc high profile under... READ MORE

Something weird with my breast implants? Falls to the side into my armpits when I lay down (Photo)

Hello! My boobs are about 5 months old now. I hear it's normal to have your boobs fall to the side when you lay down but I feel like my right one is... READ MORE

Is there any way to have soft breast implants when lying on my back?

My silicone implants feel as hard as rocks when I'm on my back. I don't think it's capsular contracture as the implants both move pretty freely when... READ MORE

My Dr is Having Me Lay on Silicone Implants 2wice a Day for 30mins and Wear No Support?

I am 21 and have had a child so I wanted them to be full again because Im a model. He placed them only a small amount under the muscle tho I wanted it... READ MORE

My implants are too far apart and when I lay down they separate even more. What can I do? (Photo)

I got my 400cc hp silicone implants three months ago. I like them but i don't love them because i feel they are too separated and when i lay on my... READ MORE

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