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Breast Aug Scar is a Few Inches Above the Fold Line - is This a Mistake?

Is it common to have a breast augmentation scar one and half inches above the breast fold line? Or are most incisions right on the fold line? Did the... READ MORE

Is a Violation of the Inframammary Fold (IMF) Considered Malpractice?

In November 2009, I decided to replace 15 year old saline implants after being told by a cosmetic surgeon that they were deflating. The doctor... READ MORE

Can a Lowered Inframammary Fold Be Corrected?

My doctor and I agreed to lower my inframammary fold due to some slight tubular deformity and ptosis. There are some problems with the outcome and its... READ MORE

Folds Appearing 1 Year Post Silicone Breast Implants, What's The Cause?

I've had my silicone implants for a little over a year. I recently noticed the skin under my right breast felt tight. When I lift my arms you can... READ MORE

Can a Silicone Breast Implant Fold Immediately After Surgery?

My girlfriend has had breast augmentation surgery this week. Silicone, 350cc, anatomical implants. Her left breast was giving her a lot more pain than... READ MORE

Silicone implant fold - please help! (Photo)

6 weeks after surgery I noticed a lump under where the incision was. It was only small then. Now it's large. My breast feels like a deflated ballon.... READ MORE

Lower my inframammary fold or not? (photos)

I have been to 4 board certified breast surgeons. 3 of which didn't mention lowering infra mammary fold or lifting nipple. The same 3 suggested... READ MORE

Am I feeling a fold or ripple in my gel implant?

Had BA 2012. Today, felt lump-inner bottom corner of R breast. Feels like small, squishy marble that moves & disappears when I push firmly, & pops... READ MORE

Is this double bubble? Will my previous fold relax? (Photo)

I'm 2 months post op and concerned with the appearance of my left breast. The left fold was lowered to correct asymmetry. It looks like the previous... READ MORE

I have Sientra Breast Implants mod-plus, 8wks post-op. Is it ok that my doctor didn't give me an implant card after my surgery?

Feel implant,fold,breast wider. Left side feels & shape looks fine. Right side is wider, feel implant softer, & some kind of fold at bottom of... READ MORE

I'm 25 yrs old, one of my implants is leaking and painful. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Could you please help me i am 65i have been telling doctor for 8yrs somthing not right i have had every test done .I have one implant leaking the... READ MORE

Uneven breasts/ fold two weeks post op and surgeon will not respond to me (Photo)

I flew into LA for breast augmentation and am two weeks post op and my surgeon will not return my texts or calls and his staff gives me different... READ MORE

Is it common to have to lower the breast fold/crease?

Had 2 consultations and my surgeon told me on Friday that he has to lower my breast fold and I was wondering why when I have seen lots of woman with... READ MORE

Should I have to pay for a fold in my implant due to the pocket not created big enough?

Since my first day post op I've had extreme pain in my left side. Now that I am four months I noticed that the pocket was not created big enough for... READ MORE

Re: my previous question. Would you consider lowering the breast fold as well as a larger implant? (Photo)

My right breast does appear to have less volume. The breast fold is also 1cm higher than the left side and therefore the nipple sits 1cm lower than... READ MORE

Implant not positioned properly. Is it folded inside? I had BA 8 days ago. Under muscle, underarm, 345cc round silicone (Photo)

My right side feels very painful, the the breast seems mis shaped. I can feel the implant under my breast, and it feels like the outside edge of it is... READ MORE

Is this normal look? 3 months post-op breast implants. (photos)

I have 2 different size and shape breast. Both side is rippling and feel weird but softer, left side big and very stiff and hard. I had my... READ MORE

Could I have a fold in my silicone implant? Straight on the side, spot that pops in and out with excess pain (Photos)

So I got 650 cc silicone implants put in through the areola, behind the muscle, about 5 days ago. The right breast is dropping and has minimal pain.... READ MORE

Do You Make New Fold?

When from 32a to n/a cause still aint droped on one breast other droped but not enough my nipple is still at bottom of implant its been 2 months tha... READ MORE

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