Will my natural fold blend over time? I am 9 days post op BA surgery. I think it's a minor double bubble

I trust my dr he has 30 years experience board certified in newport beach ca he told me more than likely this should blend over time i was a 32 b before with alot of tissue i got 600cc silicone implants inserted through my nipple i hope my pictures help also should i continue to massage and push down also continue to wear my breast strap? My next appt is in 9 days i just would like your opinions it would help alot i have been massaging since day 5 i still wear my surg. Bra n strap as told by ps

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Double Bubble

Hello,I appreciate your surgeons age, but I have many issues with what he did. This is what I see: double bubble, downward facing nipples, bruising, over-sized implants to 'take up the slack' of your excess tissue, and a periareolar incision.  In addition, in my 16 years of practice, I've never seen a double bubble get better, only worse.  You don't need to massage implants; massage has not been shown to prevent or treat capsular contracture, nor does it help in the normal healing processes that will occur to you naturally, namely 'drop and fluff'.  Massage won't 'blend' the double bubble either.  What you needed was a breast lift from the beginning, and a breast lift, along with possibly a capsulorrhaphy, will fix you later on. I'm not suggesting that your surgeon did anything below the standard of care, it's just that the standard of care in breast augmentation is woefully low. Best of luck!

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