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Is This Discoloration a Hematoma or Seroma? (Photo)

Hi im 27,non-smoker.6/7/12 got a breast lift w/700cc silicone unders. For a week ive had firm dark purple discoloration under one breast, my PS is out... READ MORE

Pinching pain with a small red line from nipple, what is it? (Photo)

Ten months post op. Had zero problems up until about two weeks ago. Had a Sharp pinch like feeling and found a small discoloration right where the... READ MORE

Bruising? Discoloration? Or hematoma? (Photo)

When I woke up this morning I noticed what looks like a bruise near my incision site. I'm 3 weeks post op. My surgical bra has been irritating me... READ MORE

I'm a 59 Yr Old Female Breast Implants 5 Yrs Ago. Right 1 Darker Than Left?

Had breast implants 5 yrs ago, just recently I've noticed a change in the color of the right one, it's a lot darker than the left. The left one is... READ MORE

Is this normal healing? (Photo)

6 months post op Breast Aug with implants. At first open wounds, some are closed now. But now I see dis coloring and slow healing. Can this heal look... READ MORE

Are my inframammary scars normal for 2.5 weeks post op after Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

I have dark bruising under both breasts where the incision was placed. My doctor said he thinks it is just bruising or possibly reaction from... READ MORE

Does this look like a leak, dislocation or something else? (Photos)

My implants are 21 years old, they were done in June of 1995, they are saline. It seems I've been noticing a subtle change for a while, but it wasn't... READ MORE

Can saline implants turn moldy? I've had implants 17/18 years. I've seen girls with discolored implants when exchanged. (photo)

Should I change implants just bc they are old? I get a dent in cleavage area when laying down, what causes it? READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to prevent the sun discoloring my scars?

I had a breast aug 13 weeks ago and have both Inframammary incisions and one Periareolar incision as I had a benign lump removed at the same time. I... READ MORE

Dressings looking discoloured, 3 weeks post op, had dressings on since 6th June (Photo)

My doctor put new dressings on at the start of June and told me to keep them on until he changes them on the 9th July. Is this too long a time? I've... READ MORE

Color of skin on one side-pink and purplish? Is this normal? (Photo)

Is discoloration normal about one week post op? It's almost like a sunburn, but doesn't burn or hurt to touch. Isn't hot but it is on my numb breast.... READ MORE

I'm 4 weeks post op and I had 450cc textured silicone cohesive implant. Am I healing normally? (photos)

I noyicr there's some discolouration on my breast is it normal? Thanks! READ MORE

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