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How Long Can Ruptured Saline Implants Stay in my Body?

My right saline implant ruptured or had a slight leak some time ago. I had my surgery 8 years ago, and my surgeon is in another state some 2000 miles... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants for 8 Years, Now Sore, Swollen and Fluid Around Implant

I have had my silicone breast implants for 8 years already. A week ago I started to feel my left breats very sore and now is swolen. I had an... READ MORE

Do Ripples In The Breast Implants Indicate A Leak?

I had breast inplants put in 8 years ago.i have ripples and my breast size looks like they are getting smaller.do you think i have a leak in them? READ MORE

I Have Had my Saline Breast Implants in for 8 Years and They Itch All the Time. WHY?

I am desperate for answers. Why do my breasts itch all the time? My saline implants have been in for 8 years. I'm having a hard time believing this in... READ MORE

Can Breast Tissue Grow Back After 8 Yrs of Implants? (photo)

I am 34, i have had implants in since 2003. My original size before my first daughter was born (2002) was a 32C . After she was born I lost 96% of my... READ MORE

How Can a Breast Implant Keep Turning After 8 Years Post-op?

The seams of the breast implants were always under my breast but now the seam to my right breast moved directly under my nipple. READ MORE

Intracapsular Rupture & Insurance?

Just had an MRI which revealed Intracapsular Rupture from a saline implant 8 yrs ago. From what I can tell it is a rupture that is still held within... READ MORE

Is The Squeaking I Hear A Seroma 8 Years Post-Op?

After I ran this morning, I noticed a weird squeaking or gurgling when I moved my breast in any kind of way. At first it was both sides now primarily... READ MORE

After 8years of Having Breast Implants,the Left Implant is Coming Away on One Side Why Would This Happen,what Are my Next Moves?

After 8years of having breast implants,the left implant is coming away on the cleverage side. when lying down i can feel underneath my implant almost... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Anything About ALCL?

My dr is leaning to this waiting for pathology report. Had my implants for eight years not a problem now I had 160cc of fluid removed and two weeks... READ MORE

Nightly Breast Pain After Inamed Breast Implants in 2004?

It’s been 8 years since my breast implants, a part of the study. They’ve done wonderfully, until 2 years ago then my left one started... READ MORE

I've Had Breat Implants for over 8 Years, in Last Week One Side Has Prominently Come Away on Cleavage Side?

I've had tear breast implants for over 8 years, in last week one side has prominently come away on cleavage side. It's extremely painful, what... READ MORE

Breast Saline Implants Possibly Leaking? Or Other Problem?

Poss.. left saline leaking or another prob.. 8 years no prob...recently noticed, volume change on top left breast... soft,, drooping like a real... READ MORE

Strange Noises in Both Gel Breast Implants?

Hi, I have had gel breast implants for 8 years with no prior problems. I had an MRI less than a year ago and all was clear. However I have been... READ MORE

What Can Possibly Be Wrong with my Mother's Saline Implant? One Is Hanging down With Pain.

My mother had saline implants done in 2003 & in the past 48 hours she has been experiencing pain in her left breast especially when she lays on... READ MORE

Can Implants Move 8 Years Later?

Had saline breast implants for 8yrs now left breast has lots of movement not same think the implant must haved moved very differ READ MORE

Silicone over muscle implants from 2007, heavy & tenting. One implant is shifting to center. Will smaller implants help? (Photo)

22 months ago I had a baby and my breast became huge and they are so heavy. I'm thinking to get a lift and my doctor said he'd perform a... READ MORE

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