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Saline Breast Implant Life Span?

I have saline breast implants under the muscle. I know the life span for saline implants is 10-15yrs. I just hit the 10yr. anniversary. I am having no... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement with Breast Lift Cost?

I have 10-year-old saline breast implants that have become too heavy and started to sag. How much does breast lift and implant replacement usually cost? READ MORE

Breast Became Hard Overnight and Implant Has Shifted After 11 Years? (photo)

I awoke this morning to my breast being sensitive. I leaned up against something and noticed that it was hard as a rock. When I felt my breast, I... READ MORE

Could I Have Ruptured a Breast Implant Following Pneumonia? Experiencing Burning And Sharp Pain.

My breast implants are 11 years old. For the past 5 weeks I have had pneumonia in both lungs with blunting at the left costophrenic angle on x-ray.... READ MORE

I have had breast pain in left side since a cough/cold 2 weeks ago.

I have had my breast implants for 10 years now. I am 33 years old, for the past 2 weeks i have had breast pain in left side it also hurts when i... READ MORE

10 Year Old Saline Implants, One Implant Became Achy And Swollen 2 Days Ago, Normal?

Ten years ago, I had saline implants. I'm thin-skinned and went from A to full B. I had no problems since the surgery. Two days ago one of my... READ MORE

10 Year Old Implants: Too Far Apart and Rippling - Can They be Fixed?

I have 10 yr old saline, under muscle implants. I've nursed three children. If I get them redone, can they make them closer together? They are so... READ MORE

Popping Feeling in my Breast Implant?

My saline implants are 11 years old, I went under the muscle under the breast. In the past year or so I have had a "torn muscle" feeling in my left... READ MORE

10+ Yr Breast Implants Need to Be Checked but my Doctor is MIA, What Should I Do?

I'm going on 11 years with my implants and they feel okay but I would feel much better if I could get a doctors opinion. My problem is that my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Dropped After 14 Years, Could There Be A Leak?

I had breast implants 14 years ago under the muscle. Right away I noticed they were positioned way to high and was never happy, but I didn't worry... READ MORE

PIP Silicone Implants Have Ruptured and I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant, What Should I do?

I had PIP silicone implants put in over 10 years ago. I've had then checked every two years to make sure they were OK. We found out last week that... READ MORE

Replacing Ruptured Silicon Implant - Pros and Cons? (photo)

I have my silicon implants for 10 years, and just discovered through MRI and Ultrasound that right one is raptured (but the silicon is contained... READ MORE

Can a Seat Belt Cause Breast - Saline Implant to Swell?

In minor automobile accident - hit from behind - seat belt tightened on lft breast causing soreness. Breast began to swell - massaging caused mild... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Surgery Gone Wrong? (photo)

I was a 32A 10 years ago and had saline implants under the muscle done. I expected to be a B+ C-, I was a D. about 5 years later I developed the... READ MORE

Can Saline Implants Have a Slow Leak and then Get Worse with Rough Handling?

I have had saline implants for 10yrs now and over the yrs my right one has become a bit smaller and is very suishy and ripply (my BF and I call it my... READ MORE

Left Breast As Hard As a Rock 10.5 Years After Breast Implants?

I had breast implants 10 1/2 years ago. About 7 months ago my left breast started getting hard in the corner. It has now progressed to the entire... READ MORE

Left Saline Breast Implant: Shooting Pain when Breathing, Lump in Center of Breast. What Does This Mean?

I have saline implants that are appraoching 8 yrs old. I have a lump in the same place on each implant: directly in the center of each breast. When I... READ MORE

What is the Cause and What Do I Need to Do? 10 Years Post Breast Implants.

Ive had my breast implants for 10 years, they are saline placed under the muscle. Ive been having pain in my left breast and I can now feel the... READ MORE

Can the HCG Diet Cause Problems with Breast Implants?

My breast implants are 11yrs old now & I've fluctuated about 20lbs in weight in the last 5yrs. In between I've had 2 pregnancies, which... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Correction?

I have had my saline filled, behind the muscle, 350 CC implants for 11 years. I have capsular contracture in both and my natural breast has sagged... READ MORE

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