Can my plastic surgeon legally post online before/after pictures of my face?

They say I signed an agreement for use of my photos 10 yrs ago (that's when I had breast implants). I don't remember...but would have assumed if those photos were published you wouldn't see my face. Now, 10 yrs later, work done on my face has been posted on their website (guess it was leaked) I'm devastated! Do you think I have grounds to sue??

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Authorization of Photo Release

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Hello pamela6741. You should speak with the doctor directly to remove the pictures. They must obtain a written consent that you authorized the release of your photos for website marketing, but in this case, in seems as though they did not have your consent. You should also ask for a copy of that agreement you signed 10 years ago. Your doctor should take it down quickly. I wish you the best of luck!

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Patient Photos

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Thank you for your question regarding your plastic surgeon using your photos on his/her website.    A plastic surgeon must obtain your consent before using your photos for website marketing.  You should have the right at any time to ask that the photos be removed.  I would suggest speaking to the doctor directly, as your concerns may not have been communicated to him/her.    This should resolve things.

Best wishes!

Stephen Bresnick, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Your photos should only be placed on line if you consent in writing.

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Your photos should only be allowed to be used on line if you consent in writing to allowing them to be used. Also, any reasonable plastic surgeon would remove them immediately if asked to do so by a patient, even if they consented to them being used. If you feel uncomfortable with your photos on line, they should be taken off, plain and simple.

David Rankin, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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