Sports Bra + Breast Implant Removal

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Sports Bra Necessary Following Explant?

I had an explant 1 week ago with removal of the implants not the capsule. They had been in place for 2 years. I had a previous lift and was fortunate... READ MORE

Is too much compression a bad idea?

I had my breast implants removed yesterday morning and I'm wondering if at this point if it's possible to have too much compression? I'm wanting to... READ MORE

Sports Bra After Explant?

My surgeon mentioned he wants me to wear a sports bra right after the explant surgery in a few weeks. I've been looking at post-op photos. Looks like... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, how long before we can sleep without a sports bra?

I would like to get other's opinions on how long, in general, we need to wear a sports bra "all the time". How long before we can sleep without one or... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a compression band or sports bra after Breast Implant Removal 2 days ago? If so, which is best?

I had a breast aug. 5-14-14 & on 6-3-14 I removed my 270cc saline implants that were placed under the muscle. What is best to wear during my healing... READ MORE

How long should I wear a sports bra?

Hi, I have had an explantation, with no lift, 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how long I will have to wear a sports bra before I can switch to a regular... READ MORE

Do I need compression bra after implant removal?

I'm having my implants removed tomorrow. Dr says no compression bra or wrap is needed. Goes against what I've seen on here. Should I get aBBC sports... READ MORE

How much longer will my breasts change? (photos)

I will be two months post-op May 14th. I had my 500cc saline implants removed from under the muscle. Also, will sleeping braless cause me to sag? I... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks after explanting and wearing a sports bra still. When I take my bra off my breasts look flat. Is this normal?(photo)

Will my boobs get worse . I feel better and know my I plants needed to come out but feel that they are getting worse not better READ MORE

Will pinching in lower alveolar area after breast implant removal go away or subside? (Photo)

I had my breast implants removed 4 weeks ago. They are shaping up nicely, but I am concerned about one thing. Namely, the lower alveolar area (where... READ MORE

About my implant removal?

Hi there I just want to know I had my explant surjery before a month and my breast look so ugly and loose in shape I want to ask except implant how I... READ MORE

Bathing suit, no wires 2 weeks after explant?

I will be 2 weeks post op of 10th month old implants, sub muscular, no drains, capsule NOT removed. I will be on vacation and am wondering if I will... READ MORE

Do I have to wear sport bra after breast implant removal?

I'm gonna get breast implant removal next month, so i'm very concerned. Thank you in advance! READ MORE

I just had my implants removed and have drains. Should I be wearing a sports bra? (Photo)

I'm pretty small now, not really drooping at all, so I don't necessarily need the support for comfort. My doctor didn't wrap me or give me a bra, but... READ MORE

What size sports bra should i get for my explant surgery?

I am currently a 34 D and was a big B, small C prior to my implants. I am just unsure if i should get a small or medium. READ MORE

Compression bra vs. sports bra? (Photo)

Hi, I was hoping you could tell me if there is a big difference between a compression bra and a sports bra. I'm having explant sugery on September 1st... READ MORE

Post op bleeding, should I be worried?

I had explant today, now at home resting. I notice there's more blood on one dressing than the other, bit worried. Also wasn't told to wear a... READ MORE

When will I start wearing a surgical or sports bra?

I had my implants removed and breast lift revised last Friday (today is wednesday) I still have my drains in and am wrapped in an ace bandage. I go to... READ MORE

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