Local Anesthesia + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implants Removal Under Local Anesthesia - Is It Safe? Any Pain?

I was told by my surgeon that he could remove my silicone implants under straight local. Is this procedures safe, will there be any pain,Recovery, and... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implant Removal with Local Anesthetic, Painful?

I've had 340cc saline breast implants under the muscle for ~4 years, they were placed through the armpit. My PS is going to remove them through same... READ MORE

Can Breast Implant Removal be Carried Out Under Twilight Sedation?

I have saline, smooth, round, high profile 300cc implants. they are 12 years old. No problems with them just want simple explant. Without capsulectomy... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Removed While Pregnant

They are causing me a lot of health problems since shortly after getting them. I just realized that all my unexplainable symptoms aligned with that... READ MORE

Explant Under Local Anesthetic

I have 3 questions: 1. What should I expect in regards to the the pain level for explant under a local? 2. What should I expect for recovery time? 3.... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Remove Breast Implants with Local Anesthesia Under $1000?

Breast implant removal for $1000 or less using local anesthesia? I have saline implants done under the muscle, put in through the armpit. Have had... READ MORE

Should I Allow my PS to Remove Silicone Implants That Are Under the Muscle Using Just Local and Not Removing the Capsule?

I have Allergan, HP, 320, placed under the muscle two years ago. I am a muscular, small woman, who had very little breast tissue to begin with. I... READ MORE

What is the average wait time between consultation and surgery for breast implant removal?

I would like to have my saline breast implants removed (not replaced, no lift) under local anesthesia before Thanksgiving (Nov 28). Today is November... READ MORE

Can I have my breast implants removed with only local anesthesia?

I have had breast implants for some time now, since I was in my mid 30s. I'm now 63 and wanting them removed so that my mammograms will be easier to... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Implants Under Local Anesthesia?

I am given to option to get my implants removed under local anesthesia, however I have 4 year-old silicone implants and never got a MRI or mammogram... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have Breast Explant Under a Local with Sedation?

I have breast implants under the muscle and i have been told i can have them removed under a local with sedation. I do have capsular contraction,(R)... READ MORE

Can I have my one year old 700cc saline implants removed under local anesthesia without pocket closure ?

I am 30. I have had my 700 cc saline under the muscle implants for one year and I hate them and want them out completely. They were put in through an... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Deflate Implants and Place New Ones Under Local?

I am 220 ccs, saline dual plane. I want to downsize to 120-160 range or remove. Can a surgeon deflate the implant, and then allow me to make my... READ MORE

Can Doc Use Genral Anesthsia Again if Used 15 Days Ago for Mini Tummy Tuck and Breast Aug?

I got breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck was under genral anesthisia for 4 hrs. can doc use general again to remove breast implants? Very scared.... READ MORE

Is it normal to be FLATTER after an explant than before the implant?

I was a 32A before breast implants in 2009. Almost no breast tissue but there was some. I had 380CC (filled to 450) saline under the muscle implants.... READ MORE

Do I need to removed my capsules? Can I do local anesthesia?

I got my first implants in 1995, 275 cc over the muscle, never had any issues and then in 2007 I decided to remove them and replaced them for 450cc... READ MORE

Explanting under local anesthesia, can pocket repair and internal lift of tissue be done as well? (photo)

I am in constant pain from my implants and want them removed asap. Is it possible to not only have them removed with a local, but also have the pocket... READ MORE

Can an implant removal and lift revision be done under local? Is there substantial savings? (photo)

I have 240 saline understand. And a j-cut do far give the lift. I would feel the other incision in necessary to complete the lift. I also feel the... READ MORE

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