Infection + Breast Implant Removal

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Healing Severe Infection After Breast Implant Removal and Lift?

I had my Breast implants removed almost two weeks ago and a Breast lift was done at the same time.I have a serious infection that has not cleared up.... READ MORE

Timing of Breast Implant Replacement After Staph Infection?

I had breast augmentation in August 2007 and had my right implant removed 5 months later. The cause of it was unknown at the time, but after months of... READ MORE

Can a Scar Re Open? If So Why Does It Keep Happening?

I recently had breast reconstruction surgery. A month later I had a massive infection resulting in me having my infected breast implant removed. 5... READ MORE

Necrosis? Source of Infection?

I had asked about Strep g infection and implant removal.Thank you to all that replied. Here is my RB 7week post op.415cc Naturelle allergen (gummy... READ MORE

Silicone Implant Removed Due to Infection From Capsular Contracture. What are my Options?

My breast look terrible after removal of silicone gel implant . I am still planing to have it re place when my breast get better. please check the... READ MORE

10 Days Pre-op if Vaginal Yeast Infection, if OK to Take Monistat Pre- Explant?

I have leaking silicon implants. Total removal in 10 days. Currently 2 probiotics (VSL-3) daily. Had been on long course antibiotics. Developed... READ MORE

I Have Been Told That an Explantation with Capsulectomy Could Cause More Tissue Loss?

I am due to have silicone implants removed in one week.They are 250cc and been in for 7 years. I am 47yrs old or young!! I have developed a capsular... READ MORE

Is this an infection after Capsulectomy complications 6 weeks ago? (photo)

I had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago. 2 days later had to have hematoma removed. 6 days after that had fluid from incision & had to go back to have fluid... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implant Removed Due Infection , Will my Breast Tissue Grow Back?

I am Fiipina , I weigh 112 lbs 5'2" in height, I had saline breast implant done in Oct 2004 , had scar tissue removed after 6 months , scar... READ MORE

Another Infection After the Implant is Removed. What to Do?

2 mo. after my breast lift & aug. I had an absess along my lower incision line. I tried 2 diff. anti-biotics but it kept coming back and getting... READ MORE

Explant Due to Infected Breast Seroma 2 Weeks Post Surgery?

I developed a large seroma, I removed implants 2 weeks ago as Doctors deemed it necessary - nothing was shifting infection. I am now left with... READ MORE

I Can't Get Rid of Infection Even After Breast Implant Has Been Removed?

I had a breast implant removed 2 months after surgery due to the infection. I interrupted anti-biotic 5 days after the emergency surgery to remove the... READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay to Get Breast Implant Removal After Infection?

I'm having an infection on my left breast 4 weeks after the breast augmentation. My doctor suggests implant removal, however, he also ask me to... READ MORE

Pseudomonas After Augumentation & Again After Explant? What Are The Causes?

I had aug in August (saline). The right was fine but left was draining & painful. After culture, pseudomonas was found & PS put me in Cipro.... READ MORE

Can the Polyacrylamide Gel Breast Implants Removed?

I have the polyacrylamde gel breast injection 8 years ago in China? Then I moved to the US. Everytime when I got pregant, my breast had the very... READ MORE

Ruptured Saline Implant is Making Me Sick. Oral Thrush and Yeast Infections Non-Stop. What To Do?

I. Have so many problems since the implants. I am dealing with thrush and vag Yeast infection constantly since my rough saline ruptured I have so many... READ MORE

Had Infection and Hematoma Blood Clot Implant Was Removed and Cleaned and Placed Back? (photo)

I had hematoma, blood clot followed by bacteria infection, I had emergency surgery one wk after BA had implant cleaned and pocket cleaned the ps put... READ MORE

How Long Do I Let an Infection Try to Clear on Its Own, Before Knowing It is the Implant?

I had nipple recontruction using my own skin after a bilateral mastectomy.One side tookthe skin graph fine the other never worked and it got infected.... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op Explant Surgery, I Have Low Grade Fever and Still Hurt. Infection?

My implants were removed after having 15 infections and 2 "explore" surgeries over a 5 year period. My breasts are still tender and I am now... READ MORE

Infection After Implant Removal? (photo)

I had my ruptured implants removed exactly one month ago today and I have an infection in one of my breast. I'm on my third different antibiotic and... READ MORE

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